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Chapter 2202: What’s the motive (8)

Li Moying turned his head back and took a look at her.

Huang Yueli could actually see a slight aggrieved expression in his eyes and her hair stood upright as she hurriedly pushed him aside, “Stop trying to interrupt my thoughts!”

Li Moying then nudged to the side a little, just enough for her to sit properly but his arm was still wrapped around her shoulder.

Huang Yueli was also rather speechless as she could only allow him to do as he wished as she spoke out, “Senior Brother, I’ve been thinking for so long and I’m afraid that this time round, I must make this trip personally with Moying!”

Liu Buyan had not expected that even she would say that as he frowned, “Junior Sister, why are you saying such things as well? Don’t you know the seriousness of this problem? It’s not the same time as in the past right now! Li Moying’s body is so weak and you’re only in the seventh stage realm, there’s not much point for you to go over so why don’t you hand it over to Guardian Jun and the rest to handle this instead. I know that you’re not assured so I will go along as well!”

Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “Senior Brother, I understand your kind intentions but we are going not because we are putting on a brave front. Moreover have you considered this, that since the ghost masked man is aiming me and Moying, then if the both of us don’t appear, perhaps they might not even be willing to come out and meet you guys! You haven’t even seen them so where are you going to get the Bipolar Black Orchid from? Won’t you be making a wasted trip then?”

“This…..” Liu Buyan instantly went speechless.

He thought over this and there was no way that he could not admit that what Huang Yueli said was simply too right!

Northern Ice Fields was originally an uninhabited place and the place was huge but there were little people. If a powerhouse were to hide there all year long in that kind of place, it would be more difficult to find them than to really mount the skies!

“But…..” He couldn’t help but frowned, “We can’t just let you two be lures just because of this? This is just too dangerous!”

Huang Yueli was helpless, “There’s no other way right now! If it was possible, I also don’t want Moying to risk his life but…. I’m even more worried that if time drags on, Moying’s illness will worsen! Moreover it’s not the first time that I’ve been to Northern Ice Fields and in my past life, I’ve also been there many times…”

She paused and seemed to have recalled something but she didn’t say it out in detail but just changed topics.

“Anyway, Senior Brother you can rest your heart for the moment. I actually understand the situation in Northern Ice Fields and I’m also an Armament Master. With me in the team, it will be of advantage to everyone. As for Moying, he is the one who we should focus on protecting, and you all must take care…..”

She was speaking halfway when she suddenly felt pain on her shoulder as she was pinched hard by someone.

Following that, Li Moying’s exasperated voice was heard from the side of her ear, “Do I need anyone to take care of me? Don’t look down on your man! Even if I have the Soul Detachment Illness, I’m much more powerful that some fellows who aren’t ill!””

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but rolled her eyes.


Liu Buyan’s brows rose as he spoke in a disdainful manner, “Alright, don’t you worry, if some accident happens to you then, I will definitely not save you! I will help you take good care of Junior Sister!”

“You…!” Li Moying pounded his fist onto the table as he stood up.

Huang Yueli hurriedly grabbed his clothes by his waist and wrung him back, “Enough, can the both of you not quarrel?”

Her brows stood up and her aura was impressive.

Although the two men were both peerless in their own ways, but on seeing her getting angry, they all instantly softened and shut their mouths obediently.

Huang Yueli then concluded, “Then this matter shall be decided as such!”