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Chapter 2204: Kiss upon disagreement (2)

“In this case, if any accidents happen, you will be able to deal with it momentarily.”

Dai Boqi’s suggestion was extremely practical hence from the second day onwards, Huang Yueli then worked hard and started to learn the art of golden needles acupuncture.

Other than that, due to the huge importance, the entire Blue Profound Sect was practically mobilised as the few of them started to make preparations to head towards the Northern Ice Fields.

Huang Yueli had been learning from Dai Boqi in the day and at night, she needed to set time aside to refine Profound Armaments and concealed weapons, just in case of unforeseen situations.

She had busied herself for consecutively three to four days and she was evidently extremely tired as her eyes were totally sore, looking like a pitiful little bunny.

Li Moying felt extreme heart pain when he saw her in this state, determined not to let her continue being in this way.

Huang Yueli refused to listen to him so he might as well charged into the armament refining room the minute the clock struck midnight and carried his little fox out of the room directly.

“Let me down, let me down!” Huang Yueli was restrained in his arms as she totally refused to listen and tried hard to sway her two slender calves as she wanted to jump down.

However Li Moying’s strength was strong and when it clasped on her waist, she totally was rendered immovable.

Huang Yueli struggled for a while and her hair all fell into disarray but yet she still wasn’t able to struggle free.

She instantly got angry as she perked up an angry look, “Li Moying, I’m warning you, let me down this instance otherwise I will punch you! You can’t use any Profound Energy right now and a gentle punch from me will shatter all your teeth!”

She already felt that she was very fierce but in Li Moying’s eyes, she was like a little fox with its hair standing up, not only was it not fierce enough, in fact it was very cute.

Li Moying let out a hand to pinch her rosy face as he laughed, “Do you bear to? Then how about you try hitting? I guarantee that I will not only not retaliate when I’m being hit, I will also not say a thing when I’m being scolded, am I obedient enough?”


Huang Yueli saw his hoodlum face and was angry that she punched him with a fist, right on his chest.

But she didn’t dare to use any Profound Energy, only using her body strength to punch on him hard.

Even so, Huang Yueli’s flesh body had once been wrought in the Phoenix Blood Pool and her strength wasn’t ordinary at all. If ordinary same levelled practitioners were punched by her, they would at least sustain some light injuries.

But this kind of punch, when it crashed against Li Moying’s chest, Huang Yueli felt as though she had punched on a piece of metal plate. Her soft little hand immediately rebounded from the pain, whereas this man…

“Ouch! So painful!” Li Moying instantly cried out miserably exaggeratedly.

Following that, Huang Yueli felt her own body descending downwards and before she could even react, she discovered that a soft sensation could be felt from under her body.

She was stunned as she just realised that not knowing when, Li Moying had already carried her back into the bedroom.

Huang Yueli frowned as she propped up her body and wanted to climb back up, “Li Moying! What are you doing? I said I’m still not sleepy and I’m still not tired! Do you know that I am still refining a seventh tier Profound Weapon in my armament furnace! If I’m not by the side watching the fire, it would easily result in failure! Quickly let go of me, I have to head back… wu wu!”

Li Moying was listening to her nagging non stop and his profound deep black eyes kept watching her gapping red lips as his gaze slowly deepened…

Finally he could no longer take it as he lowered his head and stuffed his lips onto Huang Yueli’s lips, stopping her from continuing to say any word, stuffing it right back into her mouth.

Huang Yueli’s eyes grew wide as she didn’t dare to believe that this man actually was so shameless to such a step!