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Chapter 2201: What’s the motive (7)

“But just based on the few of you, it’s not possible to bring the Bipolar Black Orchid back. The last time in the Rising Star Competition, you’ve all seen the opponent’s ability! That ghost masked man’s cultivation is valiant and he’s someone who you can’t handle with ease. Moreover, this time round he initiated the invite to us over to the Northern Ice Fields so he definitely will set up various levels of hurdles and it would be even harder to deal with than the past. His nature is very crafty and all of you are not his opponent!”

Li Moying recounted the past few days when he crossed hands with the ghost masked man, as he delved into deep thoughts.

Somehow he felt that something wasn’t quite right.

Why was there such a strong powerhouse in Soaring Heavens Continent but there was actually no one who knew about this at all?

When Cang Po Jun heard that, he was stuffed for words momentarily but after a while later, he spoke out, “Sovereign, what you said is right and the ghost masked man indeed has strong ability but based on your current body condition…”

Liu Buyan also couldn’t help but butted in, “That’s right, if you still had the same ability as in your past life, even if you don’t wish to go to the Northern Ice Fields, I will also force you to help out and don’t even think about lazing around! But based on your sickly state, you totally can’t fight anyone, if you’re unlucky you might even lose your life! Just this…. and you still want to drag everyone down?”

Liu Buyan didn’t speak as deferential and reserved as Cang Po Jun and the others and on the contrary, he seemed as though he was intentionally going against Li Moying as his words even carried a meaning filled with ridicule.

Cang Po Jun and the others wiped their foreheads’ sweat silently when they heard that.

Only Divine Doctor Liu dared to speak to Sovereign in such a manner!

Oh, no there was also Grandmaster Huang who dared to do that but Grandmaster Huang’s status was so noble and elegant, gentle and cute and she wouldn’t say such terrible words like Divine Doctor Liu…

As expected when Li Moying heard those words, his face instantly sunk and the glare he took towards Liu Buyan was chilly.

If Cang Po Jun and the others were stared by him in this manner, they would have been frightened out of their skins!

However, Liu Buyan had that constipated smile on his face, totally not treating it like a matter at all.

He just didn’t believe what Li Moying would do to him! Not to mention that his little life was still within his grasp!

Moreover speaking, even if Li Moying didn’t want his life, there was still his Junior Sister! His Junior Sister would protect him! What can that wife slave possibly do to him?

As expected, after Li Moying stared at him for half a day long, although he was evidently unhappy but he didn’t do anything to him at all, merely giving a cold harrumph.

Liu Buyan smiled even more delightfully then.

But at the very next moment, he suddenly couldn’t smile anymore.

Because Li Moying actually nudged to the side and leaned in close to Huang Yueli who was beside him, and their bodies were actually sticking to each other.

Huang Yueli almost fell from her own seat from his squeezing in and hurriedly turned around as she gave him an astonished look.

Li Moying stretched his hand around her shoulder and held her into his embrace and at the same time, lifted his chin to put on a demonstration towards Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan was stunned as he silently threw up a mouthful of old blood!

Did he needed to, needed to do this to agitate him? He’s already very upset alright?

Moreover speaking, even if he had no ideas towards Huang Yueli, torturing a dog in public like this was an immoral act!

Huang Yueli merely took a breath’s time and understood what he was doing and she was rather speechless for that moment as well.

She used one finger and poked Li Moying’s waist, “Have you got enough! We’re discussing proper things right now, quickly let go of me!”