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Chapter 2200: What’s the motive (6)

After some time, Li Moying retracted his gaze and said, “Seems like the other party’s current motive isn’t something that we can conjure just out of wild guesses like this. The other party works mysteriously and moreover it seems that he understands Blue Profound Sect very well. His ability is also extraordinary and absolutely is a rare powerful opponent. Now the question is, even though we know that the other party has a problem, but we’d still need to make a trip to the Northern Ice Fields!”

His words had just landed when the Three Guardians immediately knelt onto the ground and called out in unison, “Sovereign, you must not do so!”

Cang Po Jun cried , “Sovereign, you’re of utmost importance and the opponent has obviously come with ill intents to make you and Grandmaster Huang head over to the Northern Ice Fields, which we still have no idea what his motive is! If you were to go and meet with any danger, then… then what should we do!”

Cang Po Yu also quipped in, “Although we don’t know what the other opponent’s motive is, but they probably want to make use of the Bipolar Black Orchid to threaten you, and if you were to go, things would bode ill rather than well!”

Even Liu Buyan’s face also revealed a disapproving look, “Li Moying, do you really want to head over to the Northern Ice Fields? Don’t tell me you’ve gone confused from your illness? I’m telling you, This Divine Doctor has saved you so many times and already spent a huge amount of effort on you and if you were to die halfway out there, other people might think that it’s This Divine Doctor’s medical skills which are not adequate hence causing your death! How aggrieved would I be by then? You can’t just spoil my reputation like this!”

The crowd’s thoughts were all different but everyone expressed the same meaning, they all didn’t want to see Li Moying risk his life.

However, Li Moying’s expression was still the same as he shook his head, his tone extremely firm.

“I also know that this time’s trip to Northern Ice Fields is extremely dangerous. But the other party has the Bipolar Black Orchid in their hands! Divine Doctor Liu had also said this before, if we can’t get the Bipolar Black Orchid, then my illness would not need much longer before it will deteriorate and although we’re still able to control this now, it’s just on the surface. My illness itself actually didn’t get any better. So this Bipolar Black Orchid is something that we must get!”

Hearing that, Liu Buyan stopped voicing out.

Towards Li Moying’s illness, he was clearest of all so he naturally understood what Li Moying said was full of truth.

Even though now it looked as though Li Moying’s wasn’t in any danger but his primordial spirit itself was extremely unstable and if he suffered from a little agitation, it would easily send him to his death.

Moreover, like what Liu Buyan said, there were only four to five stalks of Bipolar Black Orchid in the entire Soaring Heavens Continent right now and it had all been collected by the ghost mask man. It wasn’t impossible to not be able to search for a new unpicked Bipolar Black Orchid but who knew how long that would take?

When time dragged on, Li Moying would definitely not be able to hang on!

Liu Buyan’s silence already expressed his attitude.

The others saw his reaction and were extremely worried.

Cang Po Jun hesitated for a moment and said, “But even so, Sovereign shouldn’t take the risk personally. If anything really happened to you, the entire Blue Profound Sect would be finished! It’s better to let us Subordinates head to this invite at Northern Ice Fields on your behalf! This Subordinate will definitely try my best and would give up my life to bring the complete Bipolar Black Orchid back!

A smile was seen on Li Moying’s face but he shook his head and said, “Po Jun, you’re indeed loyal and This Sovereign doesn’t doubt your determination at all.”