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Chapter 2199: What’s the motive (5)

Armament Grandmaster Huang Yueli was held in a siege by numerous Sacred Lands and died in the Northern Ice Fields.

But there had always been a rumour circulating that Huang Yueli had gone to the Northern Ice Fields because there was a piece of God Relic that required restoring but rumours were after all rumours and there wasn’t any evidence to it.

It was the first time for many of those present who had heard such accurate news, and at the same time, this was also the first time finding out that Huang Yueli had really obtained a God Relic in her past life.

But even so, no one was able to guess that the Sky Phoenix ring was now within Huang Yueli’s subconscious and was merged as one with her primordial spirit.

This sort of reality had gone beyond most people’s common sense by a great deal and most people always assumed that since Huang Yueli had self-exploded on Lone Sky Summit on that day, then the Profound Armament that she usually carried along with her would probably have been blown up into ashes. Even if a God Relic was much firmer and was not damaged, it might have been picked up by someone else.

Huang Yueli naturally wouldn’t mention her biggest secret and till now, Li Moying was the only one who knew that she carried the Sky Phoenix Ring on her.

She had been through countless experiences and she naturally understood the logic of guarding against those who were trying to harm you.

Li Moying didn’t say anything much, but the large hand which grabbed her hand squeezed even tighter than before.

Under his silent accompaniment, Huang Yueli recalled her past life and the ripple which surfaced inside her heart also started to calm down.

She smiled as she opened her mouth and said, “Hmm? Why are all of you not talking? What views do you have towards this invitation?”

The crowd saw her smile and all heaved a sigh of relief.

Looking at one another, Liu Buyan was still the first to open his mouth, “In this case, I feel that the other party has come with ill intentions. Your death at Lone Sky Summit in your past life and this time round, someone using the Bipolar Black Orchid to lure you and Moying over to Lone Sky Summit again, could there be such a coincident thing in this world at all?”

Huang Yueli frowned slightly, “I also have the same doubt about this matter but… what we are to say that the other party has some motive, then they would at least need to know my real identity right! But my identity shouldn’t have been revealed…. If they don’t know my identity, then why is it that they are inviting us to the Northern Ice Fields? Could there really be such a coincidence?”

Li Moying paused for moments and he shook his head with a grave expression, “I think this matter isn’t this simple. How could there be so many coincidences under this heavens? There must be something suspicious going on in this!”

Hearing that, Cang Po Jun took in a huff of cold air, “Sovereign, your meaning is… could there really be a traitor in Levitation Sword Palace?”

Li Moying’s penetrative gaze swept past everyone present.

Those who felt his gaze brushed past them, no matter if it was a Sky Chart top exponent like Cang Po Jun, or if it was a female attendant standing in the corner, every single one of them didn’t dared to meet his gaze and under his oppressive gaze, they were all shaking in fear and trepidation as though they were treading on thin ice.

But only Liu Buyan had an unperturbed expression, sipping his tea as he was as calm as he could be.

Liu Buyan was the most abnormal and he was the one who wanted Li Moying to die the most and he had even fought with Li Moying several times but he was one who didn’t need to play out such ploys.

If he really wanted to lay a murderous hand on Li Moying, he would have gotten his way long ago.

Huang Yueli was silently observing everyone’s reaction and momentarily, she couldn’t find any suspicious suspect as well.