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Chapter 2198: What’s the motive (4)

After that, Liu Buyan’s expression on his face didn’t seem as though he was relaxed at all.

“Only thing is, this isn’t just a stalk, and moreover, it’s just one piece of petal from the Bipolar Black Orchid!”

“A piece of petal?” The group looked at each other in dismay.

Huang Yueli was also stunned initially but after she resumed her calm, she thought about it in detail and couldn’t help but frowned.

“A stalk of complete Bipolar Black Orchid, but there’s one hundred and eight petals, this is just one piece! Moreover, it’s such a small piece…..”

Dai Boqi nodded as he said, “What Lass Li said if correct, don’t be so excited just from hearing that this is the Bipolar Black Orchid. In reality, in order to refine the Purified Spirit Polymerize Pill, we need an entire stalk of Bipolar Black Orchid and just this little bit isn’t enough at all. I wonder who was it who sent this Bipolar Black Orchid and why did they send just such a small quantity?”

When Li Moying heard what they said, he went into deep thoughts and said, “I feel that this is a kind of demonstration, and also a kind of probing!”

The crowd were all stunned.

“What do you mean?” Liu Buyan’s brows rose.

Before getting a reply from Li Moying, Huang Yueli had already headed over to that jade box and her long slender finger felt around the bottom of the box, then gave a push by the side.

The bottom part of the jade box slowly nudged open and revealed a secret compartment below.

In the secret compartment laid a letter and on it was written, “To Young Sect Master Li.”

Li Moying picked up that letter expressionlessly and tearing it open, he took a look and following that was a sneer filled with ridicule as he threw the letter onto the table.

Liu Buyan picked up the letter and took a look as he read it out, “If you want to get the Bipolar Black Orchid, will Yong Sect Master Li and Young Miss Bai head over to the Lone Sky Summit in Northern Ice Fields for a meet-up.”

He put down the letter and his brows creased as he gave a puzzled expression, “What does this mean? There’s no name signed off but the person who sent this letter, is probably that ghost mask man who we met last time. He made the both of you head over to Northern Ice Fields? What motive does he have?”

Li Moying didn’t say a word but placed his sight onto Huang Yueli who was seated next to him.

When Huang Yueli heard the three words “Lone Sky Summit”, her body shook and her senses went hazy and after some time, she opened her mouth and spoke out softly, “Northern Ice Fields…. Lone Sky Summit, that’s the place where I self-exploded in my past life…”

Hearing that, everyone’s eyes all widened, “…. WHAT?”

Li Moying held onto Huang Yueli’s hand and she lifted her head as she gazed into his eyes. That pair of deep black pupils were sparkling with unspeakable encouragement.

The warmth from his palm made Huang Yueli’s terrified heart calm down slightly.

Earlier those distracting thoughts which flashed passed her mind seemed not that heart wrenching anymore.

She used some strength and squeezed Li Moying’s hand back and at the same time, settling herself as she spoke, “I was in the Northern Ice Fields in my past life, mainly because there were some remnant pages in an ancient classic which were kept in the Armament Guild Headquarters that had a clue which mentioned that the Sky Phoenix Ring which I discovered in my past life was something that had descended onto Soaring Heavens Continent from God Realm. And in the process of that, it shattered into several pieces and one of the shattered pieces, was within the surroundings of the Lone Sky Summit.”

“Back then, in order to restore the Sky Phoenix Ring, I racked my brains for a long time and on hearing about this news, I was madly overjoyed and immediately headed towards the Northern Ice Fields but in the end…”

She didn’t finish her sentence but everyone present understood her meaning clearly.

Because it was known to everyone on the happenings which occurred in the Northern Ice Fields later on.