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Chapter 2197: What’s the motive (3)

Liu Buyan guessed, “This… there are many possibilities. According to my guesses, Blue Profound Sect as the Number One Sacred Lands is like a tall tree which attracts the wind whereas behind that group of black robed men’s back is apparently an extraordinarily large powerhouse. Perhaps the other party only wanted to step on Blue Profound Sect to elevate their own powerhouses’ status.”

Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “Surely not right? If this was really the case, why would they bother to hide themselves and intentionally kill someone to conceal their identities? If it was for fame, then all the more they should openly announce their identities.”

“This is true as well…..”

Everyone thought hard over this but they weren’t able to find any dependable conclusion at all.

Speaking of this, Blue Profound Sect had remained as the Number One powerhouse for so many years so it was only naturally to have many enemies, so it could be any reason as to why the other party was picking on them for.

Only thing was most people would only do it through attacking Blue Profound Sect’s ordinary disciples or their businesses to exact revenge so those who specially came to snatch the medicinal herbs were very rare.

Just as the lot were in discussion, suddenly there was a knock on the door.

“Who is it? Enter.” Li Moying spoke out icily.

Outside the door, a female attendant carried an exquisite jade box and walked in swiftly, as she brought it in front of Li Moying.

“Sovereign, earlier some black robed men came to the entrance of Levitation Sword Palace and left this jade box, with the words “For Young Sect Master Li” on it.

“What? Black robed men??” Cang Po Jun shrieked out, “Still not sending someone to pursue after them?”

Female attendant reported respectfully, “The few guards at the entrance wanted to chase after them but the other party had someone to support them and after killing two guards, they managed to escape.”

Li Moying’s face was cold as he waved his hand, “I know now, leave the box on the table and you may leave.”

After the female attendant left, everyone’s gaze landed onto the small little jade box.

This jade box was exactly the same one that contained the Bipolar Black Orchid, which the ghost masked man snatched away some days ago and just from the surface alone, one understood just whose doing was this from.

Cang Po Jun appeared next to Li Moying in a flash, “Sovereign, this jade box is too dubious and there might be danger, it’s better for This Subordinate to open it up!”

Li Moying nodded his head and Cang Po Jun’s finger poked on it, as he opened it gently.

At this moment, a strange fragrance was diffused in the entire room.

This smell was extremely strong but it wasn’t exactly considered as a fragrance, however it made everyone suddenly feel delighted.

Cang Po Jun had a fright as he hurriedly closed the lid, “This… what situation is this?”

However, Liu Buyan had already seen the item inside the box as he walked up excitedly, “This… this box contains the Bipolar Black Orchid!”

Saying that, he opened the lid of the jade box and this time round, everyone was prepared as they could see the item which was placed in the box clearly.

A thumb sized light purple flower petal laid inside.

“This is the Bipolar Black Orchid? Isn’t this a little too small!” Cang Po Jun asked puzzledly.

His question was exactly what most people present were puzzled about and everyone was looking at Liu Buyan.

Liu Buyan said, “Of course this is the Bipolar Black Orchid, moreover the quality is not bad at all.”

“It’s really the Bipolar Black Orchid!” Everyone instantly became excited.