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Chapter 2196: What’s the motive (2)

Seven days went by and Li Moying’s body had recuperated by quite a bit.

But Cang Po Jun, Liu Buyan and the others took on the order to investigate the ghost masked man’s whereabouts but didn’t managed to get any valuable clues at all.

Whereas on Huang Yueli’s side, she made use of the Alchemist Guild and Blue Profound Sect’s connections to search for the Bipolar Black Orchid everywhere.

But not knowing what happened, it seemed as though there was no progress at all.

“Damnit, really met a living ghost! Why would such a thing have happened? Yesterday Divine Doctor Liu had just found out news that the Second Elder of Aquatic Moon Sect had collected a stalk of Bipolar Black Orchid and I personally went over to ask for it but whoever knew that the Second Elder actually said that some black robed men just went over yesterday and paid a high price to purchase the Bipolar Black Orchid!”

Cang Po Hun also strode in with big steps and upon seeing Huang Yueli, he hadn’t even had a sip of tea when he cried out exasperatedly.

Huang Yueli and Li Moying exchanged glances and their expressions weren’t very good at all.

“Why? This time round, the medicinal herb was also purchased by others beforehand?” Liu Buyan questioned.

Cang PoHun nodded and said, “That’s right, our relationship with Aquatic Moon Sect has always been not bad so Second Elder would not lie to me over this.”

Li Moying’s gaze turned deep as his fingers tapped lightly on the table seemingly in deep thought.

“This is already the third time…. This period of time, Divine Doctor Liu and Divine Doctor Dai had spent quite an amount of time to find out that these three top exponents had collected the Bipolar Black Orchids in their homes but every single time we went over, the black robed men would always be one step ahead of us, and took away the medicinal herb…. Looks like the Rising Star Competition isn’t by chance and these groups of people snatched the Bipolar Black Orchid from me, not to cure themselves but purely aimed at us?”

Hearing Li Moying’s analysis, everyone present turned silent.

Everyone were intelligent people and until this very step, they naturally would not be unable to understand the reason for why the other party kept on collecting the Bipolar Black Orchid was for!


Huang Yueli frowned, “But how did they know that we need the Bipolar Black Orchid? Could it be that there’s a traitor in Levitation Sword Palace and that person leaked out Moying’s illness?”

Li Moying pondered over this for a moment and denied her idea, “What you said could be possible, but… Levitation Sword Palace’s guards and female attendants have all been planted by the Slave Seal by me and the other trusted aides have been loyal towards me. Even for the recently joined Levitation Sword Palace’s Jiyun and Mo Yi and the others, they are all extremely loyal…”

Speaking of this, Li Moying suddenly stopped as though he thought of something.

But after remaining silent for a moment, he shook his head, “No, it shouldn’t be…”

Liu Buyan cut in, “I’m guessing it shouldn’t be someone from Levitation Sword Palace who leaked this matter out. The problem might possibly be from the Alchemist Guild. The last time I went to ask Feng Zhensheng for the Bipolar Black Orchid but he didn’t give it to me. Although I’ve enquired about this from him in private, but the Alchemist Guild is filled with people and their tongues wager too much. Feng Zhensheng isn’t a tight lipped person and there is a possibility that it might have leaked out from his mouth and someone with motives heard that hence they could have been used…..

Liu Buyan’s deduction was reasonable and logical.

Although Huang Yueli somehow felt that things weren’t quite right, but she was unable to find a reason to rebuke this hence she could only agree with Liu Buyan’s point of view.

“Since this is the case, then why do these people do this for, to waste so much effort just to pit themselves against the Blue Profound Sect?”


Everyone all went silent.