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Chapter 2195: What’s the motive (1)

Huang Yueli nodded as she finally let her heart down.

“That’s great, many thanks to Master and Senior Brother. About the Bipolar Black Orchid…”

Liu Buyan frowned as he spoke, “We definitely still need to search for the Bipolar Black Orchid and moreover, it’d be best to find it within the next twenty days. I will head over to the Alchemist Guild to understand the situation first, especially Master Zhang’s because he was one of the earliest to be attacked by those black robed men so perhaps we might be able to find some leads.”

Huang Yueli hummed a reply, “I will also send some men to continue searching for the whereabouts of the Bipolar Black Orchid and hopefully we are able to find the second stalk, otherwise, we don’t know when will we be able to find that gang of black robed men’s whereabouts. Moying’s condition cannot be delayed any further!”

Dai Boqi sighed as he patted Huang Yueli’s shoulder and stood up.

“Lass Li, don’t be too worried. Although the Bipolar Black Orchid is rare, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the only stalk under the heavens. This old man had many good Pill Master friends all around the four sky regions and I’ll definitely be able to find one stalk out for you! Alright, This Master shall not disturb Young Sect Master Li’s rest and will make a move first!”

Huang Yueli hurriedly said, “Master, Senior Brother, you’d better hurry back to your rooms to have a rest, you’ve been tired out for the entire day.”

Dai Boqi nodded his head as he turned around to leave the room.

Liu Buyan followed right behind him and as he reached the door, he turned back and took another look at Huang Yueli.

Huang Yueli was already seated back next to the bed and holding a silk handkerchief in her hand, she carefully wiped the sweat off Li Moying and that gentle yet worried expression on her face was totally different from her usual black bellied and intelligent look, which radiated out an innermost beauty which made one tingle…

Liu Buyan looked at her for some time before he finally left the room.

Li Moying was in lethargic sleep for three entire days before he finally regained consciousness.

But as compared to the lethargic sleep from before, his body became even weaker than usual.

Moreover, Dai Boqi had warned him strictly that he absolutely should not cultivate and should not fight with anyone else otherwise even a deity would be unable to save him!

Huang Yueli was naturally very anxious and practically never left Li Moying’s side.

In this way, Li Moying didn’t even have a chance to secretly cultivate. As long as he wanted to do anything that defied the doctor’s instructions, Huang Yueli would use her watery big eyes while staring at him with accusation.

Under his pressurising little fiancée’s gaze, would he even have the guts to slog it out with her? Of course he could only listen to her obediently.

But this kind of pig rearing, decaying lifestyle was totally unbearable to an overbearing man.

“Li’er, you need not be so anxious, really! Don’t listen to that quack doctor Liu Buyan’s rubbish. I feel wonderful right now and moreover, cultivation has nothing to do with primordial spirit so there wouldn’t be any effect…..”

“Shut up!”

Huang Yueli’s eyes stared and the matchless Sovereign instantly turned into a little lamb.

“Alright, alright, alright, I won’t cultivate alright, but sure you don’t expect me to stay within Levitation Sword Palace all day long right? I can’t cultivate so isn’t it a little too boring!”

“There’s me to accompany you but you still feel bored? Is it because we’re already an old couple, therefore you are already tired of me?”

“N… No, of course not! Li’er, I’ve been wronged!”

The Sovereign profusely sweating as he chased after his little fiancée while explaining and apologizing.

The disciples and female attendants in Levitation Sword Palace would see this sort of drama being played out every day and were all laughing sneakily behind their backs.

If it wasn’t for the fact that they witnessed this personally, no one would have ever thought that the once matchless Li Moying, would have been turned into a wife slave!