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Chapter 2194: Who was that exactly (8)

“But we don’t even know the backgrounds of those black robed men and now there’s no way to verify so where can we look for them?”

Liu Buyan went into deep thoughts for moment and a puzzled look appeared on his face, “Earlier when I was crossing hands with them, I discovered that although these practitioners intentionally concealed their own tutelage, but from the way they moved and how their Profound Energy flows, it is still evident that these people are mostly from those regulated large powerhouses…”

Practitioners from large powerhouses as compared to those practitioners who had depended on themselves to reach ninth stage realm from young, although the disparity in abilities might not be huge, but their style of battle were a vast difference.

Practitioners from large powerhouses learnt high levelled cultivation methods which were carefully selected and the Profound Energy cultivated were slightly purer and when they took action, they would more or less abide by a certain sequence of movements.

But those practitioners who relied on themselves to grow up, the scene would be totally different.

Among so many of them, the cultivation methods which they learnt were to learn a little from here and a little from there and sometimes it wouldn’t even form into a proper system so their battle form would mostly be varied with their own personal style.

The disparity between the two were rather obvious and for practitioners who had an abundant amount of battle experience were able to deduce this.

Huang Yueli nodded her head and said, “That’s right, I was observing from the side earlier as well and discovered this pointer so that was why I specially went to check on those dead black robed men’s corpses thinking that perhaps I might be able to find leads from their tutorage but alas… that ghost masked man was just too vicious. Totally merciless to treat his own subordinates like that!”

Liu Buyan thought about it and spoke out hesitantly, “There’s still one point but I’m not sure if it’s my misperception. Somehow I feel that a few black robes man’s style made me feel extremely familiar…”

Huang Yueli’s brows rose as she guessed, “Could it be…. People from the Six Sacred Lands?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head but after a moment later, he shook his head, “This… might not be impossible but I still don’t get it on which Sacred Land would send so many ninth stage realm practitioners to execute this one mission! Furthermore after the mission failed, to kill a majority of the practitioners. Honestly speaking, to which Sacred Lands, who would be able to bear sacrificing so many ninth stage realm practitioners because they are all worth a huge fortune?”

Huang Yueli’s expression turned graver when she heard this, “From what you said, the ghost masked man’s powerhouse behind him might be even stronger than the Six Sacred Lands! That’s strange, if such a powerful powerhouse existed in Soaring Heavens Continent, why have we never heard of it before?”

Liu Buyan said, “That’s right, that’s exactly the part which I don’t get!”

The two of them were in discussion when suddenly, Li Moying, who was lying on the bed suddenly moved his fingers.

Although it was just a minor tremble, almost unnoticeable.

But Huang Yueli’s ten fingers were locked with Li Moying’s tightly and paying attention to his situation on and off, hence she immediately sensed it.

She immediately sat down next to Li Moying, “Moying, are you feeling better?”

Li Moying’s long phoenix eyes opened up a small slit as the brilliant stars in his eyes flashed by quickly.

He shook his head gently and shut his eyes once again, seemingly very tired.

Liu Buyan took his pulse once again and said, “He’s now alright, it should be because the damage done to his body is too huge hence he needs a lot of rest to recuperate. Let him have a good sleep and he should be fine after he wakes up.”