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Chapter 2193: Who was that exactly (7)

Huang Yueli naturally couldn’t hope anything more for this as she hurriedly nodded her head in agreement.

She didn’t dare to disturb Dai Boqi’s team treatment so she could only silently stand at the front of the bed without making a single sound.

Dai Boqi and Liu Buyan quickly got into the state as they took out their golden needles and started their treatment without any distraction at all.

As the golden needles were pricked into Li Moying’s body one after another, Li Moying’s brows started to crease slightly as the sweat on his forehead also started to sprout.

Huang Yueli grabbed his hand tightly as she was incomparably worried.

Earlier while on the Snow Cloud Sky Ship, she already heard Cang Po Jun mention about the swapping of the Bipolar Black Orchid.

Now, Li Moying’s illness started to relapse but the lifesaving medicinal herb was plundered away by someone else and following this, things would become very troublesome!

Although she always believed that Heaven would never close all the doorways, and she also didn’t think that this blow would possibly knock them over, but as the matter was related to Li Moying’s life, she still found it hard to remain composed.

Huang Yueli carefully wiped the sweat off Li Moying’s forehead and looking at that peerlessly handsome countenance turn so palely white, a huge wave of terror suddenly gushed up into her heart…

Time went by slowly and Huang Yueli’s vision hadn’t left Li Moying’s face at all.

Not knowing how long had passed, Liu Buuyan and Dai Boqi stopped the actions on their hands as they heaved a long sigh of relief.

Liu Buyan wiped the sweat off his face and turned around to take a look at Huang Yueli, “Little Junior Sister, Little Junior Sister! Why are you in a daze? Are you too tired, do you want to go back and have a rest first?”

Huang Yueli abruptly recollected her senses as she asked anxiously, “Master, Senior Brother, Moying he…. how is he exactly?”

Liu Buyan’s face revealed a sliver of smiling intent, “Still alright, after the last consultation for Moying, I’ve researched for a long time and that’s why we’re able to stabilise his condition this time round. Moreover, you’ve helped a great deal by bidding for the Purified Branch at the Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild the last round and the medicinal pill which I fed him earlier had crushed the Purified Branch mixed inside and it’s advantageous to controlling the rising tendency of his primordial spirit collapsing.”

Huang Yueli heard what he said and heaved a sigh of relief.

Even she didn’t notice that her expression might look calm but in actual fact, her fingers kept on shaking.

“That’s… that’s great! Senior Brother, luckily you’re here! And Master, if not for the both of you, I really don’t know what I should do!” She expressed her attitude from the depths of her heart.

Liu Buyan’s feelings were a little complicated as he couldn’t express what feeling he had in his heart.

Huang Yueli’s gratitude and admiration were once something that he wanted but now, he finally got it.

But, it was from his status of Senior Brother…

He shook his head silently, reminding himself not to get distracted, “What are you saying, Junior Sister, we’re all one family! Since I’ve already promised to help you treat Young Sect Master Li’s Soul Detachment Illness, then I will definitely fulfil my promise so just rest assured…”

Dai Boqi also said, “Isn’t that so? There’s no one who this one man hadn’t been able to cure! What are you being worried over nothing for? But although Young Sect Master Li’s illness has stabilised, but the problem is still very big. The Bipolar Black Orchid has been snatched away by that ghost masked man then the Purified Spirit Pill is unable to be refined. Yong Sect Master Li can’t possibly not cultivate forever, or not to fight with anyone and the next time this happens again, I’m afraid that his luck might not be this good again!”

Hearing that, Huang Yueli also frowned, “What Master said is correct! The only thing we can do now is to snatch the Bipolar Black Orchid back as soon as possible, but…”