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Chapter 2172: Such low methods! (2)

Amid the squeals of surprise, Feng Xiaoyan’s face revealed a cold smile.

Earlier the stone which she had secretly thrown out was a piece of ice crystal.

For materials like the ice crystal, the pricing is rather expensive but to Pill Masters, it’s something necessary as it was used to supplement the adjustment of the flame’s temperature.

As the ice crystal itself had relatively low temperature, the minute it was thrown into the flame, it could instantly lower the flame’s temperature.

Moreover the piece of ice crystal in Feng Xiaoyan’s hand is of excellent quality and is one of the treasures collected in the Alchemist Guild. Even if it was up against the deviant flame, it could instantly absorb a large portion of the heat from the flame, moreover what Huang Yueli used to refine pills, was the most ordinary open flame?

Just at the instant where the ice crystal and the flame got in contact, the flame was completely extinguished.

In this way, the medicinal pills that Huang Yueli were refining were definitely a lost case and there was a ninety nine percent that it would explode!

Feng Xiaoyan watched with a cool eye of the bystander, not mentioning just how elated she was feeling.

Yesterday when her own pill furnace exploded, it caused her to cut an extremely sorry state and that made her lose all her reputation but not only did Feng Xiaoyan not reflect on how terrible her mentality was, she even pushed the entire blame onto Huang Yueli.

Now, on seeing that Huang Yueli was about to suffer the same fate as her! Besides that, the championship that she was about to get would also fly away.

Only in this way would Feng Xiaoyan feel that she had done some justice for herself!

“Hmph, I’ll let you have a taste of the championship being taken away from you! Aren’t you very complacent? Don’t you have an incredible fiancé with high innate talent? Wait till your pill furnace explodes into ash, let’s see if you’re still able to still be delighted!”

Before Feng Xiaoyan’s sneer had even ended, she heard a burst of surprised exclamations from her back.

She hurriedly turned her head to take a look and immediately following that, her eyes widened in shock, simply not daring to believe what she saw.

Just as this crucial moment which was hanging by a fine line, Huang Yueli’s face didn’t show any flustered expression.

She merely frowned and following that, another ball of flame appeared in her fair palm!

Feng Xiaoyan tugged her lips as she laughed coldly in silence, “The temperature in the furnace suddenly dropped and even if she restarted the fire now, it will be too late! The medicinal pills will still become… Eh? Wait, what’s that??”

Huang Yueli didn’t hesitate at all as her right hand waved and a streak of gold coloured flame was thrown into the pill furnace’s fire entrance.

Following that, her two palms joint together and she continuously struck out several dozens of hand gestures!

Her speed was astonishing and her ten fingers became blurry remnant images in the air.

The originally thumping pill furnace immediately stopped vibrating and the lid also stopped sprouting smoke.

By the time Huang Yueli’s hand gestures were completed, her pill furnace looked as though it had resumed back to normal.

The spectators were all stunned and for the longest time yet, they weren’t able to recover their senses.

Huang Yueli’s finger curled and she patted lightly on the top, as she cried out softly “Open”!

The lid of the pill furnace flew upwards and the smock slowly dissipated.

Master Zhang has been waiting by the side earlier on and on seeing this scene, he shot upwards and leaned over to see the situation in her pill furnace.

“This… this.. how is this possible! You’ve actually managed to refine it successfully! Earlier there was such a serious blunder but you still managed to refine it!”

Master Zhang’s voice began to tremble and the expression on his face was extremely shocked.

He took out the pills from the pill furnace and everyone stretched their necks out as their eyes followed to where his hands were.