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Chapter 2173: Such low methods! (3)

Master Zhang’s palm carried seven to eight pieces of round third level medicinal pills and every single pill had an even and decoration distributed pattern and just one look and everyone were able to tell that it was an upper class medicinal pill with outstanding medicinal effects.

It was until this very moment when many people started to come around it.

“Earlier, what exactly happened? Why did Young Miss Bai’s furnace fire suddenly extinguish? Could it be that she made some mishandling during her operations?”

“Not sure but we aren’t Pill Masters after all! But I heard that when Pill Masters refine pills, they cannot make a single mistake but earlier Young Miss Bai’s pill furnace was about to explode but she could still save the pills? This… this is a little too awesome isn’t it?”

“Right, how did she manage to do it?”

The laymen looked at each other in dismay but Master Zhang suddenly saw the light when he capped what had happened earlier.

“Yes, earlier the second flame which you used to light up the pill furnace should be a kind of deviant flame? Moreover, it should be a higher ranking deviant flame in the Deviant Flame Chart because only in this way would that raise the fire to a safety level whereby the furnace temperature had suddenly descended.”

Huang Yueli smiled and nodded her head upon hearing what he said, “That’s right, this is the Vientiane Spiritual Flame which my Master has passed down to me!”

“Vientiane Spiritual Flame!” Master Zhang’s face revealed a gasp of surprise as he looked with reverence towards the deviant flame which had yet to be completely extinguished at the fire entrance, “This is actually the Vientiane Spiritual Flame! It’s the top twenty flame on the Deviant Flame Chart and rumoured to be extremely dangerous and hard to subdue. I didn’t expect you to be able to grasp the Vientiane Spiritual Flame at such a young age!”

Huang Yueli replied modestly, “This isn’t my effort, it’s my Master who subdued the deviant flame and then passed it down to me.”

Master Zhang immediately praised her, “Young Miss Bai, you’re just too humble. If it wasn’t for the fact that your own fire attribute innate talent is wrong enough, even with your Master’s help, surely you’d not be able to subdue such a high levelled deviant flame right? Moreover speaking, from subduing the deviant flame to using it to refine pills, there is a relatively huge gap in between and you’re able to claim the deviant flame for your own use, this innate talent… I really am ashamed of myself!”

Huang Yueli’s attitude was humble as she didn’t claim the effort for her own.

Master Zhang’s explanation made the dazed spectators understand what had happened.

“So it’s because of the deviant flame! No wonder I had this feeling earlier that the second time Young Miss Bai lit up the flame, it was different from the previous open flame!”

“Yesterday I was still ridiculing Young Miss Bai for not having any deviant flame and could only use the open flame to refine pills. I’ve never expected that it wasn’t because she didn’t have any, but she merely felt that this Rising Star Competition was too simple and couldn’t be bothered to use it! The minute she used it, it’s one of the top twenty deviant flames! She’s really too incredible!”

“That’s of course, Young Miss Bai is a practitioner with sixth stage realm cultivation! This cultivation innate talent is imaginable, so to be able to subdue such a powerful deviant flame is really nothing at all!”

Frankly speaking, this saying had really misunderstood Huang Yueli.

She totally hadn’t this kind of slighting her opponents thought. As long as there were any methods to raise her odds of success, as long as it was permitted within the boundaries of the competition, she would use it.

But before the competition, Dai Boqi had already warned her that the Rising Star Competition’s pill furnace was rather fragile and if it was possible not to use the deviant flame, it would be best not to use it hence that was why she chose to use the open flame.

No matter what, Huang Yueli’s execution was beautifully played.

Even if it were those high ranking Pill Masters within the judging committee, they were also full of praises for her.

Feng Xiaoyan almost fainted from rage.