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Chapter 2171: Such low methods! (1)

Feng Xiaoyan clenched her teeth and decided to abandon her original plan as she directly started to refine third level medicinal pills as well!

Bet all her stalks on this!

If she continued to refine second level medicinal pills, evidently, there was no way she would be able to chase up to Huang Yueli and the championship would fly away.

But if she was able to refine a few batches of third level medicinal pills whereas if Huang Yueli made a blunder…

Feng Xiaoyan’s eyes narrowed and a malicious thought suddenly arose in her heart.

With a plan, she suddenly started to feel at ease and when she was refining her pills, she was even able to exhibit exceedingly and on her second batch, she successfully refined out seven pieces of third level medicinal pills.

On seeing this, the crowd all started to get excited.

“Look, Feng Xiaoyan also refined third level medicinal pills! She’s rather capable as well!”

“Isn’t that so? Feng Xiaoyan is originally a third rank Pill Master and she started learning how to refine pills since she was five, and is one of the famous younger talents among the Alchemist Guild!”

“So what about that? If we’re talking about innate talent, she’s too far off as compared to Bai Ruoli?”

“That might be right but today’s competition isn’t about innate talent but on ability! Since Feng Xiaoyan also has the ability to refine third level medicinal pills, then the result of the championship is still unknown to whom may win it…”

After all, the competition would be much more exciting if there was some competition.

The crowd all started to guess who had a better chance at winning.

Immediately following that, Huang Yueli’s second batch of medicinal pills also started to take shape and her development was extremely stable. Although she wasn’t able to refine third level middle grade medicinal pills, every piece of it was perfect without any flaws.

Feng Xiaoyan was extremely jealous of her as she mustered up all her spirit and refined yet another batch.

This time round, she actually succeeded!

Feng Xiaoyan was wild with joy and she didn’t dare to believe it herself. Usually her success rate of refining third level medicinal pills weren’t very high but today, she seemed to have been possessed by the Goddess of Luck!

If it was like this, then it meant that even Heavens was standing on her side!

She would definitely not allow Huang Yueli to win the championship and to let her experience the awkward feeling of being humiliated that she went through yesterday!

Feng Xiaoyan and Huang Yueli both didn’t rest much and immediately started on their fourth batch of medicinal pills.

This time round, Feng Xiaoyan intentionally slowed down her movements and a majority of her concentration wasn’t on her own pill furnace, but rather it was focused on Huang Yueli, observing her in detail on every single move she made, monitoring the progress of her refinement.

Just at the instance when Huang Yueli was about to enter the last stage of pill forming, Feng Xiaoyan’s finger suddenly moved.

A transparent small stone flew out from her fingertip and landed below right underneath Huang Yueli’s pill furnace, which was just at the position of the fire entrance.

In the next moment, Huang Yueli’s furnace fire suddenly weakened and in an extremely short amount of time, it even had a soft thumping sound.

Following that, it extinguished completely.

Huang Yueli had been fully concentrated into refining her pills and had not been guarding against anyone messing around with her.

Although she responded in the very first moment, but it was now at the crucial moment of her pill forming and the flame suddenly extinguished so the temperature in the pill furnace instantly entered a tremendous chance and the pill furnace shook for a moment and the slits of the furnace lid started puffing out smoke.

Evidently, the pills in the pill furnace were about to scatter, resulting in a waste of effort!

Moreover, from the buzzing sound of the pill furnace, the pill furnace was in danger of disintegration anytime.

“Wa, what’s happening!”

“Danger, danger!”

“Young Miss Bai, quickly move aside!”