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Chapter 2158: Like a joke (8)

When Master Zhang heard these words by the side, he almost broke out into two streaks of tears.

His old bones simply couldn’t take on this torment!

Young Sect Master Li was exactly like what was in the rumors, especially pampering his beloved fiancée and was a good man, but… he just didn’t know the propriety of respecting the elderly!

Master Zhang had various kinds of melancholic feelings while he was standing by the side.

But the other spectators present, especially the young ladies, were caught off guard as they were fed with a mouthful of dog food and all of them had totally been smitten by Li Moying’s invisible overbearingness.

“Young Sect Master Li, simply too suave, too suave!”

“Bai Ruoli is really too lucky! She actually has such a man like this who pampers her so much!”

“If Young Sect Master Li is able to hug me while putting on such a worried expression, even if it was just for one breath, I am willing to give up anything for it!”

“Go, go, go, keep dreaming! Haven’t you even taken a look at yourself in the mirror! Is Young Sect Master Li someone that you can dream off? Haven’t you even taken a look at Young Miss Bai, what kind of innate talent and looks she has, and she even knows how to refine pills! Only a talented young lady like her, is able to match up to Young Sect Master Li alright?”

While the young ladies were being starry eyes, they had no choice but to admit that the disparity between themselves and the young lady in Li Moying’s arms was simply too wide!

If it was said that many people felt that Huang Yueli had ran into great luck to be able to get engaged with Li Moying when they first arrived in Sky Emperor City.

Then after today, Huang Yueli’s performance had already made everyone realise that she had enough qualifications to stand beside Li Moying!

“Wow, I really envy Bai Ruoli so much!”

“Too awesome, moreover she’s really low-keyed. Even though she’s so incredible, she never flaunts herself.”

“No wonder Young Sect Master Li likes her so much…”

Under the envious gaze from everyone, Huang Yueli slowly began to become awkward.

They were right in public and moreover still in the middle of the competition but hugging together like that was really not suitable at all!

However, Li Moying seemed as though he didn’t realise this as he still continued to hug her overbearingly as he diligently continued to educate her on safety.

Huang Yueli felt so gloomy because when men started to nag, they would be even more irritating than women!

She took the chance to push Li Moying’s robust chest while he paused for a second, “Alright, alright, I already know this, you’ve said it for the hundredth time already!”

“I said this for a hundred times but you still don’t remember it at all!” Li Moying said and stared at her.

Alas, the Young Sect Master who could usually send many other strong practitioners into awe from one gaze of his, was totally useless no matter how fierce his stare was when facing Huang Yueli. This young lass had long seen through him and was totally not afraid of him at all.

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes and nodded her head vigorously, “I remember, I remember! I really have got it into my mind!”

“Really remembered it?”

Huang Yueli hastily nodded her head, “Really, really, even more real than a pearl! Alright, you’d better leave quickly, I still have to continue with the competition! Right, my pills are still inside the pill furnace and I’ve yet to take it out!”

She remembered her own pills and hastily pushed Li Moying aside.

After that he saw that his little fox didn’t even take another look at him as she directly pounced towards her pill furnace and retrieved yet another tray of medicinal pills as she held them preciously in her palms.

That treasured look of use versus that disdainful attitude which she had when she pushed him aside became a stark contrast.