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Chapter 2159: Like a joke (9)

On seeing this scene, Li Moying’s heart felt so stuffed to the extreme as he really wanted to throw away that tray of medicinal pills!

In the past his greatest love rival was Huang Yueli’s Profound Armaments but now, there’s even the addition of medicinal pills??

Did he need to be so miserable!

“Li’er…” He stared at his fiancée with a begrudged expression.

However, Huang Yueli merely shot a fleeting glance at him as she absentmindedly waved her hand at him, “Alright Moying, hurry on back to the VIP seating and rest! The competition’s not over yet! There’s still two more hours so I must grab hold of time and refine out another tray of Fatigue Relief Pills!”

This… was simply akin to dismissing a kitten or a puppy!

Li Moying was extremely dissatisfied but the lass in front of him was like his natural born enemy and he simply could do nothing to her at all.

Just at this moment, Feng Zhensheng also swooped in swiftly into the competition grounds from the far away judging panel committee seating.

He ran all the way to Feng Xiaoyan and asked out anxiously, “Yan’er, Yan’er, how are you?”

Hearing his voice, the crowd then shifted their attention away from Li Moying and Huang Yueli as they realised that just beside them was Feng Xiaoyan who had fallen onto the ground.

The instance when the pill furnace exploded, the person who was the closest was actually Feng Xiaoyan who was refining pills.

Even though she had already exhausted all her might in the instance when the explosion happened, but based on her ability, she totally wasn’t able to evade it at all.

Luckily Huang Yueli stood out and blew away those rampaging shattered pieces with her Profound Energy! Otherwise Feng Xiaoyan might probably have been pierced with those shattered pieces, ending up in a tragic state.

But Huang Yueli made a move, mainly to save the innocent Master Zhang so saving Feng Xiaoyan was merely out of convenience so there were still some shattered pieces which had not been cleared as it pierced right into Feng Xiaoyan’s body.

However, when the pill furnace exploded, a large amount of ash also spread out along with the shattered pieces.

Those minute ash grains weren’t affected by Huang Yueli’s Profound Energy as it all poured towards Feng Xiaoyan.

So she was practically covered in black from head to toe, as though she had just crawled out from a coal mine!

Moreover, there were some parts of her body which had been pierced by those shattered pieces and were effusing blood, which looked really frightening.

Feng Xiaoyan had originally been completely scared stiff and when she heard Feng Zhensheng’s cries, she finally regained her senses as she endured the pain from her body as she climbed back on her feet.

“I… I’m alright…”

Her expression was a little awkward as she shot a vengeful gaze towards Huang Yueli, “You… it’s all this wretched lass’s fault! You actually caused me to turn out into such a miserable state! You obviously… obviously did it on purpose!”

Huang Yueli swept her with a glance as she creased her brows slightly, “Young Miss Feng, you’re the one who caused your own pill furnace to explode and almost implicated me! I saved you out of kind intentions and never mind if you’re not grateful, how could you have the cheek to bite me back?”

“You… how about these ashes? You could obviously sweep those away! But you had to splash it all onto me!” Feng Xiaoyan screeched.

When Huang Yueli heard that, her lips curled. Of course she had done it intentionally.

In order for the competition to proceed smoothly, she saved Feng Xiaoyan out of convenience but that didn’t mean that she was magnanimous enough to overlook Feng Xiaoyan’s provocation, to repay evil with gratitude! She was never one to have such a noble disposition!

Hence she only used her Profound Energy to blow away the larger shattered pieces but as for those smaller shattered pieces and ashes, she treated as though she didn’t see them, considering it as a lesson for Feng Xiaoyan.