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Chapter 2157: Like a joke (7)

It was because of this which was why they were even one hundred times more shocked than those ordinary spectators!

Just earlier, in that instance where the clash of light and sparks happened, Huang Yueli reacted just in time and extended her Agility Dance Steps and as her figure moved like a ghost, she appeared right in front of Master Zhang.

She threw Master Zhang to one side and at the same time, used her Profound Energy to sweep and eliminate all the rampaging shattered pieces which were flying speedily towards her!

Her actions in the entire process were extremely smooth without any sliver of hesitation, nor were there any pauses in between.

To be able to complete such complicated actions within two short breaths and yet still not let anyone present suffer any injuries.

That meant that the power of her ability was at least sixth stage realm and above!

A sixteen year old but already with cultivation at sixth stage realm and above, even if it was in Sky Emperor City where strong practitioners were like clouds, she could be described as a first rated peerless genius!

After sometime later, the ordinary spectators also started to come around it.

Although they couldn’t see Huang Yueli taking action clearly, but at least they understood that it was Huang Yueli who blocked off those shooting shattered pieces and also saved Master Zhang. Her potential, naturally was imaginable!

The crowd looked at each other in dismay and the gaze which they looked at Huang Yueli with were filled with senses of reverence!

A sixteen year old second ranked Pill Master, although was very incredible but it wouldn’t make anyone feel terrified.

But a sixteen year old genius practitioner attaining such a stage realm made everyone feel that she had the qualifications to awe everyone!


Suddenly a man’s voice which was consumed with anger could be heard ringing by the side of the competition grounds.

Immediately following that, the glamorous Huang Yueli which the spectators had seen, who bore a gracious bearing suddenly had an abrupt change in her expression as her large eyes suddenly sparkled and revealed an extremely innocent expression, as though she was a little fox which had fallen into a trap!

“Ughh… that, Moying… heh heh, why have you suddenly ran down? It’s still competition time so non relevant people are not allowed to enter the competition grounds…”

When Li Moying heard that, his expression turned totally pitch black.

The man with an awe inspiring aura and tall frame easily walked past the array which was set up in the competition grounds and as though there were no one around, he directly walked next to Huang Yueli.

“You still have the cheek to say that! Earlier, why didn’t you hide? Don’t you know the consequences of being hit by those shattered pieces?”

As he was saying that, his arms stretched out and took his little fox into his arms. After he checked on her from head to toe, certifying that she had not suffered any injuries at all, it was then when his stiff expression finally eased a little.

Huang Yueli sensed the anger from him and realised that she had made him worried hence she obediently stayed in his arms, allowing him to check on her while widening her big eyes, putting on an obedient babyish look.

Li Moying saw her expression and he was filled with anger but unfortunately he had no resistance towards her obedient look.

He gritted his teeth hard and hissed out a sentence from the slits of his teeth, “Talk!”

Even though his tone was cold and hard, but Huang Yueli was so familiar with him that she was able to tell that Li Moying had a lack of power.

Acting cute had its effectiveness!

She hurriedly added more power and spoke out obediently, “Moying, don’t be angry! How could these shattered pieces possibly injure me? My ability, you know it best! Moreover speaking, if I don’t go block it away, wouldn’t Master Zhang be struck by those shattered pieces? He doesn’t have the ability to evade it all so if that was the case, he would definitely be heavily injured!”

Li Moying harrumphed coldly, “So what about that? Let him be injured then! As long as you’re alright!”

Master Zhang, “…”