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Chapter 2156: Like a joke (6)

The pill furnace used during the Rising Star Competition was originally the most ordinary pill furnace and the material used for the furnace’s body was the most commonly found brass.

This kind of furnace was actually best used to heat up with the open flame because if it was used continuously for a long period of time and hearted with the spiritual flame, it would cause a certain amount of damage to the furnace, just that it wasn’t that evident.

However, in order to flaunt her own assets, Feng Xiaoyan used the exceptionally powerful deviant flame to refine pills!

In this way, the damage caused to the pill furnace was extremely grave!

Of course, if she had stable development, the pill furnace would not explode just because it was burnt a few times but as Feng Xiaoyan’s thoughts were in turmoil, there were several times which she had over heated the deviant flame’s temperature beyond the normal boundary and in the end, when it was at the crucial stage of pill forming, she even completely lost control of the furnace fire!

This was what led to this round’s explosion!

As the deviant flame itself was extremely powerful, hence in an instance, the pull furnace shattered into pieces from the explosion and moreover, every single piece shot around the surroundings at shocking speed, as the might of the explosion astonished everyone!

If one’s ability was slightly off, that person would definitely be injured or die from the shattered pieces!


“Be careful!”

Many spectators on the viewing platform recovered from their short moment of shock and instantly reacted in time as they gave out terrified screeches.

As the position on where Master Zhang was standing was exactly in between Huang Yueli and Feng Xiaoyan, hence his distance was just a mere ten meters or so to Feng Xiaouan’s pill furnace.

He bore the brunt of it all, and moreover his back was facing Feng Xiaoyan, as numerous shattered pieces flew towards his back!

Hearing the crowd’s warnings, Master Zhang also realised that danger was approaching but as a Pill Master, his own cultivation wasn’t considered very high and moreover he lacked actual combat experience so when in crucial moments, his hands and feet didn’t listened to his command and he had no way to evade it at all!

Air-splitting whooshes could be heard nearing his back.

Master Zhang’s face paled as he had already made preparations to take on the heavy injuries.

Just at this moment, he suddenly felt a huge force around his chest as he was tugged on the robe around his chest and thrown out in an instance!

Master Zhang’s body uncontrollably flew outwards, shocking him so much that his soul almost flew out!

However, at the moment when he landed, he then realised that he had landed on a large patch of grass and the ground was soft. Although he was covered in mud from the fall, but he practically wasn’t injured at all.

Whereas at this moment, another burst of screams was heard.

Master Zhang hastily turned his head around to see Huang Yueli already exposed to the shattered pill furnace pieces!


Master Zhang was extremely shocked but since things had turned out like this, he didn’t know how to save her.

Just as he was extremely terrified, the next moment, Huang Yueli suddenly moved.

Her sleeves extended and a burst of surging Profound Energy raised a wave of air wave, meeting the numerous shooting shattered pieces head on.

A loud “BOOM” reverberated like thunder and the entire competition grounds was filled with sand and stone which stirred up into mid-air, choking everyone into a burst of coughs.

By the time everyone had finally finished coughing, they lifted their heads only to discover that Huang Yeuli was just standing at the position where Master Zhang was earlier.

Her long dress remained untainted with dust and her soft long hair was still unruffled and there was even a slight smile on that exquisite perfect face.

As though, the terrifying scene which made everyone’s hearts stop beating earlier had no impact on her at all.

Everyone was momentarily dazed.

But only those high levelled VIP practitioners who were of seventh stage realm and above saw what happened clearly.