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Chapter 2150: This question is well asked (4)

Under Master Zhang’s command, various coloured flames were instantly lit.

The guests in the spectator seats all gasped at the same time.

Looking down from their angle, various kinds of flames were like stars shining brightly which looked extremely eye catching and many of them had never seen other flames other than open flames so this time round, being able to see so many was an eye opener for them.

Huang Yeuli casually swept a glance around and discovered that the flame which everyone used were different but most of them used spiritual flame.

The quality of the flame, from the highest to the lowest was, deviant flame, spiritual flame, open flame and such.

Open flame was the flame which ordinary people used when they cooked and didn’t have any additional aid towards refining pills whereas although deviant flame was powerful and good to use, but it was hard to subdue and most low ranking Pill Masters mostly used spiritual flames.

There were only three or four people who used deviant flame to heat up the furnace and including Feng Xiaoyan, they mostly used the lower ranking deviant flames on the Deviant Flame Chart, which totally were those which Huang Yueli couldn’t be bothered about.

But even so, the appearance of these deviant flames still attracted numerous people’s envy.

“Deviant flame! Look! It’s a deviant flame! This is my first time seeing a deviant flame!”

“They’re really Soaring Heavens Continent’s most outstanding young generation of pill refining talents, there’re quite a number who have deviant flames here!”

“See Feng Xiaoyan’s deviant flame? If I didn’t recognise it wrong, it’s likely the Silver Frost Flame, which is ranked in the top fifty on the Deviant Flame Chart!”

“Isn’t that a little too incredible? Not even twenty years old and able to subdue such a powerful deviant flame, Feng Xiaoyan is really President Feng’s daughter, this is what’s known as a genuine pill refining genius!”

“Right, I wonder about Young Miss Bai who was taken in by Divine Doctor Dai as a direct disciple. What kind of deviant flame does she have? Definitely something better than the Silver Frost Flame right?”

Everyone had the same doubt in mind hence they all started to shift their sights onto Huang Yueli.

Especially Feng Xiaoyan who was just standing in the position next to Huang Yeuli, she totally wasn’t hurried on refining her own medicinal pill as she simply stopped and stared at Huang Yueli without blinking at all.

Huang Yueli also detected the surrounding gazes but she wasn’t influenced by it at all.

Her right hand waved as a bright flame appeared instantly in her palm.

She followed the method which Dai Boqi had imparted to her, adjusting the flame’s temperature to the most suitable degree before sending it into the fire entrance.

This method was something which she was rather familiarised and when doing it, it was as smooth as moving clouds and flowing water, which even had an artistic feel to it.

However, no one was paying attention to her method as everyone was shocked by the flame in her hand, while they started to rub their own eyes, assuming that they had seen wrongly.

Feng Xiaoyan also stood stunned for some time before she started laughing out loudly, “Hahaha, this… this is just too funny! Your this is…. this is the simplest open flame isn’t it? You used an open flame to come take part in the Rising Star Competition? Did you get things right? Divine Doctor Dai is so awesome, but he didn’t even impart you with any spiritual flame at all?”

Huang Yueli stared at the furnace fire and struck out her hand gestures as she adjusted the flame without even batting an eyelid.

“Young Miss Feng, you’re too noisy! Saying so much while refining pills, are you intentionally trying to disturb the other participants from refining pills, shall I ask the judging panel to come over?”

Feng Xiaoyan was choked by her in such a way and discovered that Master Zhang and Master Shen were indeed looking over so she could only shut her mouth up.

But she was still sneering inside her heart.

There was actually someone who tried to use the open flame to refine pills!