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Chapter 2151: Like a joke (1)

What’s more was that she was refining the most difficult Fatigue Relief Pill among the second level medicinal pills!

That was simply too amusing!

The success rate had probably not reached even ten percent and even if she refined twenty trays, she might not even succeed even one time!

Now this wretched lass only had three chances so she had to see what kind of tricks would that lass Bai refined!

Huang Yueli totally couldn’t be bothered about her as she started to refine on her own.

For a kind of medicinal pill like the Fatigue Relief Pill, was mainly to help newly advanced third stage realm practitioners to solidify their foundations and to congeal their Profound Energy so to lower levelled practitioners, it was an extremely valuable and useful medicinal pill.

But the Fatigue Relief Pill was extremely complex to refine and to ordinary second ranked Pill Masters, it was exceptionally difficult and it would usually require a third ranking standard to be able to come out with a higher success rate.

But Huang Yueli didn’t feel that it was much difficulty at all.

She had already crammed all of the second levelled prescriptions beforehand and all of it were successfully refined.

Although she had only refined it once, but at least she knew the knack to refine it.

The memories of Dai Boqi’s pointers began to run in her mind and she followed the prescribed order as she started to refine according to the prescription.

All of the spectators present had their eyes fixed on her and originally quite a number of them had doubted that Huang Yueli had totally not managed to practice refining pills, especially when she displayed the flame which she used was the most common open flame of all, that practically verified everyone’s guesses.

Many of them were waiting for her to make a fool out of herself.

In the end, out of everyone’s expectation was, Huang Yueli went step by step to adjust the flame, adding in the medicinal herbs then refining the plants…..

Every single step looked extremely professionally done and not only were her actions standardized, it was also extremely graceful.

Accompanied to her lucid and elegant outstanding looks, watching her refine pills was simply a kind of enjoyment.

“This Bai Ruoli really looks as though she’s doing a good job at refining pills! Could it be that she really does know how to refine pills?”

“That’s hard to say, perhaps she’s just a vase! As for her ability, we’d still have to see the refining results!”

“That’s right as well, but she already has the advantage because of her looks. As compared to her, those Pill Masters around here all look like country bumpkins from the countryside…”

Amateurs were merely here to join in the fun hence they had praises for Huang Yueli’s techniques.

Whereas for those veteran Pill Masters who know the ropes, Huang Yueli’s performance made them extremely stunned!

Because Huang Yueli’s complete set of movements were not only standard, but also simplified to the extreme, without any unnecessary actions. Every single step was that single but yet reached the maximum effect.

Although the flame which was burning at the bottom of the furnace was the most common open flame, but under her adept control, the use of it was much better than the spiritual flame!

The height and warmth of the spiralling of the flame and the refining standard of the medicinal herbs, were extremely standard.

“From the looks of this, if Young Miss Bai does not make any mistake, it’s possible for her to refine the first batch of Fatigue Relief Pills out!” An Elder from the Alchemist Guild on the viewing stage couldn’t help but exclaim.

Feng Zhensheng was listening but he scoffed with irreconciliation in his heart, “This is still in the early stage of forcing the medicinal effects of the medicinal plants which is simple enough. The hardest point of the Fatigue Relief Pill is to form the pill! Although it looks very smooth running now, but in the end, there’s a ninety nine percent chance that one isn’t able to refine the pill out!”

The Elder also noticed that Feng Zhensheng’s daughter was also in the competition and what he had said wasn’t suitable hence he didn’t continue with the conversation.

In actual fact, what Feng Zhensheng said wasn’t wrong at all. The difficulty in the refining of the Fatigue Relief Pill was indeed in the later stage!