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Chapter 2149: This question is well asked (3)

Feng Xiaoyan saw her astonished look and she was even more certain that Huang Yueli hadn’t refined any second level medicinal pills before, otherwise why would she put on such a dumb look as thoug she didn’t knew anything?

She couldn’t help but give a cold laugh, “Right, so you’d better think about how to refine the pills first. As for others… there’s really no need to think too much!”

Looked like after this round, this wretched lass Bai would be disqualified!

To be able to win Divine Doctor Dai’s direct disciple in the Rising Star Competition, no matter what it was some glorious matter and in future if she were to tell others, it would be something that she could boast about.

She had to thank this wretched lass for automatically sending herself over, to set her off!

Huang Yueli’s lips curled upwards as though she had been enlightened, “Many thanks for your reminder!”

Master Zhang could not wait any longer as he interrupted them, “Alright, is there any other question? If there’s none, hurry and come draw the lots, there’s still a lot of other people in the queue!”

Huang Yueli hurriedly said her apologies and walked over as she casually drew out a bamboo lot from the big box.

Master Zhang took the bamboo lot from here and read it out, “Young Miss Bai, your topic is – Fatigue Relief Pill.”

He took a look at Huang Yeuli and his gaze was tinged with a hint of sympathy but he didn’t say much, only pointing to the rear right side, “Young Miss Bai, please head to the back to claim your medicinal herb!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and walked towards the direction which Master Zhang had pointed out.

She totally hadn’t noticed that behind her, quite a number of participants had revealed a gloating over misfortune expression.

“This Bai Ruoli is really unlucky! She actually just casually drew the Fatigue Relief Pill! This is a second level pill which has the most complicated hand gestures and also one of the highest rate of failure! Even for certified second rank Pill Masters, many of them aren’t able to refine this out, moreover for her, an entry level rookie?”

“Originally I thought that she is Divine Doctor Dai’s disciple so no matter what, she should be able to last at least two rounds of competition but whoever knows that she is going to be eliminated so soon!”

“Sigh, there’s nothing she can do about it, she can only blame it on her bad luck! I hope I won’t be as unlucky as her…”

Immediately following that, Feng Xiaoyan also drew out a bamboo lot.

“Young Miss Feng, your topic is – Poison Purging Pill!”

When Feng Xiaoyan heard that, she almost laughed out loud. Poison Purging Pill was one of the easiest prescriptions in the entire list of second level medicinal pills and moreover, it’s also the best-selling product. Hence almost every second ranked Pill Master knows how to refine this and her skills are remarkable, with a success rate of almost thirty percent!

As long as she displayed her normal performance, she would definitely be able to use all three sets of ingredients, to successfully refine an entire tray!

Looked like even Heavens was on her side this time round and she was bound to win for sure!

The other participants also headed up one after another and all drew out their own topics. Some had drawn topics that were simple while the others had a bit of difficulty.

However, among the worst of them all, it was still Huang Yueli because no one had drawn an even more difficult second level medicinal pill than the Fatigue Relief Pill.

After the lots had all been drawn, all of them were allocated a specialised pill furnace and they all collected their own medicinal herbs and a simplified version of the prescription for the pill which they were to refine.

Master Zhang announced, “Second round of competition will officially begin, the time limit is: four hours so everyone please grab hold of time tightly!”

Different from the first round of competition, this time round, those people who made up the numbers had all been eliminated and the remaining contenders were all outstanding Pill Masters.

Hence from the very start, all of them started to show their own special talent.