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Chapter 2140: Disciple Dai took in a disciple? (4)

The two Masters all widened their eyes and looked towards Dai Boqi’s surroundings to look for the legendary “little disciple” to come down from the Snow Cloud Sky Ship.

But out of their expectations, that young lady who was standing next to Li Moying suddenly let go of her fiancé’s hand and cupped her fists in greeting towards them.

“Paying my respects to both Maters! I’m Bai Ruoli, the person who is here to take part in the competition today!”

Master Zhang subconsciously spoke out, “Young Miss Bai, there’s no need for such formalities! Blur Profound Sect…”

“Wait!” He spoke out halfway when he was interrupted by the shocked Master Shen, “You… you… surely not? Young Miss Bai, you’re… the new disciple whom Divine Doctor Dai had newly taken in??”

Master Zhang was also stunned, “What are you saying? Could it be…. Impossible right?”

Only till this moment did he react in time as he lifted his head in shock and stared at Huang Yueli’s face, unable to utter a single word for a long time.

No one had expected that the mysterious little disciple whom Divine Doctor Dai had taken in, was actually Blue Profound Sect Young Sect Master Li’s fiancée!

But wasn’t it said that Li Moying’s fiancée was a practitioner with rather outstanding innate talent? Wasn’t it said that she was a registered Armament Master with the Armament Guild? This… why was it that she was also able to refine pills?

After some time later, Master Zhang muttered, “No wonder… no wonder earlier I was just feeling that Bai Ruoli this name sounded rather familiar… so… how did it turn out like this?”

Master Shen also had a face written with disbelief all over his face as he subconsciously asked, “Young Miss Bai, you.. do you really know how to refine pills?”

When Dai Boqi heard this conversation, he snorted disapprovingly, “This old man’s disciple, how could she possibly not know how to refine pills? Do you two treat this old man as blind? Alright, the time’s not early anymore so why are you still stunned here for? Quickly go register my disciple? The competition’s about to start isn’t it?”

“Oh, right, right! Young Miss Bai, please follow me!” Both Masters seemed as though they had just awoken from their dreams as they brought Huang Yueli to the registration counter to fill in the application form.

But their curiosity was still not fulfilled so while Huang Yeuli was filling in the form, they used a strange gaze to keep sizing her up, as astonishment and surprise were unconcealable beneath their eyes.

A few attendants walked up, trying to bring them to the spectator seating.

Just at this moment, a sharp shrill was heard coming from their backs.

“Wait, Divine Doctor! Haven’t you noticed it at all? That little slut Bai Ruoli had obviously gotten engaged with you but she’s actually holding another man’s hand! While you were not noticing, she actually went to seduce Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master Li! This kind of wanton woman, you… don’t you be cheated by her!”

The few of them paused in their footsteps and turning their heads, they saw Feng Xiaoyan rushing over in a flabbergasted look.

When Li Moying heard that she actually called Huang Yueli “little slut”, his expression immediately sunk and the Profound Energy on him abruptly spiked upwards as he was about to take action!

Luckily when Liu Buyan heard Feng Xiaoyan’s words, he knew that things were going to turn out badly so he hurriedly stretched out his hand and placed it onto Li Moying shoulder and using slight force, he blocked his Profound Energy.

“Don’t… cool down a little! This is President Feng’s daughter and if things blow up, Junior Sister will no longer be able to take part in the competition!”

Li Moying originally only used ten percent of his power and as he was blocked by Liu Buyan, it naturally rebounded.

His expression was ill at ease as he gave a cold harrumph, “You still have the cheek to say that? It’s you who created this trouble!”

There was someone who said that Huang Yueli was Liu Buyan’s fiancée!