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Chapter 2139: Disciple Dai took in a disciple? (3)

However before they had enough excitement, they saw Li Moying turning sideways, revealing the young lady behind him.

Haung Yueli was dressed in a light purple flowing dress and she gracefully walked down from the Snow Cloud Sky Ship.

Her little face was exquisite and fair and had delicate skin with her watery large eyes sparkling. Even if she didn’t apply any cosmetics, she was already a first rated exceptional beauty.

She and Li Moying held hand in hand as their fingers interlocked and they were super intimate and no matter what, they were the perfect compatible couple.

On seeing Huang Yueli, quite a lot of young ladies all became dejected.

“Why… that Lass Bai has followed along again? Is their relationship so good? She actually follows him everywhere?”

“Simply too hateful! Doesn’t she just look a little prettier? What’s so outstanding about that!”

The ordinary female practitioners crowding around were all envious and jealous but there were quite a number of Pill Masters who came forward to take part in the competition and all of them were apparently surprised as they looked at each other in dismay.

“This… could it be that I’ve recognized wrongly? Don’t you all feel that the young girl next to Young Sect Master Li…. seems a little familiar?”

“I also feel the same, she looks really similar to Divine Doctor Dai’s fiancée!”

“What similar! They’re obviously the same person! What’s going on exactly?”

“That’s right, isn’t she Divine Doctor Liu’s fiancée? Why is it that she’s holding hands with Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master, walking along together?”

Momentarily, the entire competition grounds bustled as everyone all started to comment on this into each other’s ears.

After Huang Yueli and Li Moying got off the ship, Liu Buyan and Dai Boqi also followed closely out from the ship.

On seeing the both of them, Master Shen and Master Zhang exchanged glances as they hurriedly headed upwards.

“Divine Doctor Dai, Divine Doctor Liu, it’s simply great that the both of you are able to grace the Rising Star Competition personally! Young Sect Master Li as well, we’ve not expected that based on your status, you’d personally head over to view the competition, please have a seat quickly!”

The both of them were stationed in Sky Emperor City and were extremely familiar with various large powerhouses in Sky Emperor City so they naturally would not be able to not recognise Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master and the future Young Sect Mistress, these couple… were Soaring Heavens Continent’s famous people among the younger generation in Sky Emperor City.

Liu Buyan cupped his hands in greeting to them, “Both Masters, long time no see! The registration form which I brought over a few days ago, I believe that you should have already received it?”

Master Shen nodded, “Received! Of course we’ve received it! Among the new Pill Masters who are taking part in the competition, she’s the only one who hadn’t reported yet! May I know where is she now….”

Liu Buyan smiled and said, “My Master and I have personally sent her to this competition! After all this is the first time she’s taking part in such a huge competition and my Master and I are a little unsettled, so we’ve caused trouble to you.”

Master Shen shook his head consecutively, “What are you saying Divine Doctor Liu! We can’t welcome both you and Divine Doctor Dai more! But may I ask if this Young Miss Bai, why hadn’t she stepped down from the ship yet?”

The two Masters looked around for quite some time but weren’t able to see the legendary newly accepted young disciple of Dai Boqi’s.

Other than Liu Buyan and Dai Boqi, the others present were all from Blue Profound Sect!

That legendary genius pill master, where had she gone to?

Liu Buyan didn’t say a single word but it was Dai Boqi who couldn’t help but gave a cold harrumph as he spoke out, “What are you all searching for? Isn’t this old man’s disciple’s right here? Lass Li, don’t stand there in a daze, quickly come over and pay your greetings to these two Seniors!”