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Chapter 2141: Disciple Dai took in a disciple? (5)

Even though he knew that Liu Buyan actually didn’t manage to gain any physical advantage on Huang Yueli, but just hearing someone say that made the anger in him rise!

If it wasn’t for the fact that he was afraid that Huang Yueli would get angry, he would probably have clashed with Liu Buyan right here.

Moreover, quite a number of people around the competition grounds heard what Feng Xiaoyan said and the bustle started again.

A lot of people were originally jealous of the fact that Huang Yueli was able to marry Li Moying so now that they heard that she might possibly have two-timed, they started to get excited as various kinds of guesses filled the sky.

These kinds of words entering Li Moying’s ears made him so angry that the evil flame ignited and he almost lost control of himself to kill someone.

Liu Buyan knew that he did something wrong as he lowered his tone and said, “Let’s talk about this later on. Leave this matter to me to settle, you’d better go up onto the spectator seating first! There’s so many people watching you, don’t you dare create trouble for Little Junior Sister!”

Li Moying gave a cold humph and didn’t say a word more but his footsteps refused to budge as he refused to leave.

Liu Buyan shook his head helplessly as he turned towards Feng Xiaoyan.

Earlier although Li Moying had already retracted his action, but a ninth stage realm practitioner’s powerful strength was not something that a frail Pill Master like Feng Xiaoyan could take on.

Feng Xiaoyan had consecutively retreated several steps as her complexion instantly turned pale and a sliver of blood flowed down from the corner of her lips, apparently suffering a slightly serious internal injury.

However, she remained tenaciously and resolutely on the grounds refusing to leave easily.

Towards Huang Yueli, she hated her to her bones. Not to mention that she had been slapped on her face fiercely several times and moreover, her fingers were almost destroyed, almost to the point where she could no longer refine pills for her entire lifetime!

This feud made her wish that Huang Yueli could just die immediately!

But unfortunately, Huagn Yueli’s luck was extremely good as every time she wanted to scheme against Huang Yueli but she would be the one who was schemed into a terrible state!

This time round, she had finally found a chance, feeling that she was able to drive a wedge between Liu Buyan and Huang Yeuli so how could she possibly give up so easily?

On seeing that Liu Buyan and Li Moying almost entering an argument, a smirk surfaced on her face.

Just at this moment, Liu Buyan opened his mouth, “Young Miss Feng, please control your own mouth! A President’s daughter, speaking such vulgar words the minute your mouth opens up, it’s simply throwing President Feng’s face!”

Feng Xiaoyan’s face flushed white as she had not expected that not only did Liu Buyan not scold Huang Yueli, instead he scolded her!

“But… but… Divine Doctor Liu, it’s obviously that little slut who’s shameless, who had two timed…..”

“Shut your mouth!” Liu Buyan barked out sharply, cutting her off, “Who allowed you to sprout rubbish over here and smear my Junior Sister’s reputation? Junior Sister and Young Sect Master Li had been engaged since young, where did the seduction come from?”

“B… but initially in the Alchemist Guild Headquarters, you obviously said… Bai Ruoli is your fiancée! At that time, a lot of people in the Guild heard that…..” Feng Xiaoyan’s expression grew paler and paler.

Liu Buyan spoke out coldly, “That time Junior Sister was heavily injured and I must bring her back for treatment. But the Alchemist Guild Headquarters had never allowed outsiders to enter so I had no choice but to say such things. Junior Sister and I are clear and my Master can testify for us, if anyone else dares to frame her, splashing dirty water onto her, I will not let that person off!”

Liu Buyan’s voice grew gloomier and gloomier as his tone became colder.

He had always been considered as a casual and amiable person in the Alchemist Guild and rarely used such harsh tone and words.