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Chapter 2137: Disciple Dai took in a disciple? (1)

The process of subduing the Rainbow Core Flame was similar to the Vientiane Spiritual Flame.

Huang Yueli practically didn’t spend much effort and subdued the deviant flame as she joyously started to check on it.

Rainbow Core Flame was a Water attribute deviant flame and was useful in uplifting the success rate of the medicinal herb to form into a pill. Which was to say that under the same situation of using same levelled ingredients, using the Rainbow Core Flame to refine pills would possibly refine a few more pieces of pills out.

But doing that also had its risks and the price of increasing the number of pills also raises the possibility of the failure of the pills.

Hence, Dai Boqi had additionally reminded her on some pointers, “When using the Rainbow Core Flame, it will easily lead to failure hence unless there is no choice, do not use it casually and only for those prescriptions that you are very certain of, then you may use the Rainbow Core Flame to increase the success rate, otherwise it might possibly be self-defeating.”

Huang Yueli immediately replied, “Master, don’t worry, I won’t act recklessly.”

She herself was an Armament Master and she understood this the clearest. She had understood this logic from various similar situations which she had encountered many times while refining armaments.

With two deviant flames in her hand, Huang Yueli seemed as though she had taken a tranquilizer as she had much more confidence in the competition tomorrow.

On the second day, Sky Emperor City’s Pill Master Rising Star Competition which was to be held once in every five years officially kicked off.

This time, Alchemist Guild had set up the competition in front of a large premise in the public square near Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s entrance.

This was the most bustling commercial area in the entire Sky Emperor City and usually there were plenty of people who passed by so it was bustling with life. Now that this competition was something so important, it attracted even more people to crowd around, and some had even specially come over from the Four Sky Regions.

The competition kicked off at seven in the morning but the surrounding pathways were already crowded since five.

Many Pill Masters who had turned up to take part in the competition were long prepared as they rushed to the competition site to report.

When it was almost a quarter to eight, there was only one person in the name list of the competition, who had not arrived.

Master Shen who was responsible for registration frowned when he saw the name list, “What’s going on? The competition is about to start, why hadn’t that person arrived yet? Could it be that there’s too many people and he’s stuck outside, unable to enter?”

“So what even if he can’t enter? Such an important competition, of course he should come over earlier! Rushing over now, even if he was late, he only has himself to blame! Just directly disqualify him, that will do!” Another Master Zhang gave a cold harrumph, as he spoke disapprovingly.

The Alchemist Guild was originally facing South and adding on to the importance and prestige of this competition, it was second to none in Soaring Heavens Continent so towards the competitors, they naturally needed to be extremely strict.

Once they were late, they would absolutely be disqualified without giving any face, not even with a chance to debate on this.

Whoever knew that when Master Shen heard his words, he gave a sigh.

“Ah, but, the person who hasn’t arrived isn’t someone ordinary!”

“Oh? Who’s that? Who can be that amazing? Surely it can’t be a pill refining genius which the Seven Sacred Lands nurtured, right? Even if it’s someone from the Seven Sacred Lands, he will still need to abide by the regulations! We, the Alchemist Guild is also a super large powerhouse so should we be afraid of them?” Master Zhang was still being bullish.

Master Shen shook his head, “But this person…. is really not the same! She’s Divine Doctor Dai’s direct disciple!”

“Oh, Divine Doctor Dai’s direct disciple…..” Master Zhang spoke in the middle of his words when he suddenly turned his sensed around as his eyes popped out wide, “Wait, say that again? Which Divine Doctor Dai?”

Master Shen replied, “Is there any other Divine Doctor Dai!”