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Chapter 2138: Disciple Dai took in a disciple? (2)

Master Zhang couldn’t help but sucked in a breath of cold air.

In the Alchemist Guild, only Pill Masters of eighth ranked and above were allowed to be addressed as Divine Doctors and among them, the only one who bore the surname Dai, was only… that one person…..

“S…Su….Sure….Surely not right? Divine Doctor Dai?? Since when had he taken in a direct disciple??” Master Zhang didn’t dare to believe in this, “Where did you hear this news from? Could it be some fake rumour from the outside? Every year there’d be someone who claims that they are Divine Doctor Dai’s disciples and in the end, they’re all imposters!”

Master Shen shook his head and said, “Initially I also thought that it was ot true but this time round, it’s really true. Because her enrollment form was delivered by Divine Doctor Liu himself and he even said that the person who was taking part in the competition was his Little Junior Sister!”

“Little Junior Sister! In that case, the disciple who Divine Doctor Dai had newly taken in is a girl? When did he take her in? How old is she? What is her Pill Master rank now?” Master Zhang’s curiosity was exploding as he threw out a mountain of questions.

Master Shen replied, “I’m not totally sure of all the details as well. The enrolment form which Divine Doctor Dai submitted only filled in her name, gender, age…”

While the two of them were talking, suddenly they heard bursts of shrills from the crowd.

“Look there quickly! That’s the… Snow Cloud Sky Ship??”

“It’s really the Snow Cloud Sky Ship! Blue Profound Sect has sent someone over?”

“We don’t know who’s the person who came? Could it be Young Sect Master Li? But this is just a Rising Star Competition, why would he be interested in this?”

“Could it be that, Blue Profound Sect’s Pill Masters are taking part in the competition?”

Feng Zhensheng who was standing in the centre of the competition grounds also revealed a joyous expression on his face.

The Pill Master Rising Star Competition, although was a grand occasion in Soaring Heavens Continent but it was after all a competition for Pill Masters below third rank and to the seven Sacred Lands, it wasn’t a pressing matter at all.

Usually, if they were able to send an Elder as a representative to take a look at the competition, that would already be extremely respectful to the Alchemist Guild.

But now, it was actually the Snow Cloud Sky Ship which was hovering above the competition grounds!

This meant that the person who had graced the competition was definitely someone of importance from Blue Profound Sect!

This was a huge glory that the Alchemist Guild had never encountered and it happened at the competition which he, Feng Zhensheng had personally organised so that simply gave him face!

Not only him, even Feng Xiaoyan who was standing beside him was apparently extremely excited.

Under several Divine Doctors joint consultation targeted towards the injury on her hands, it had basically recovered and her pill refining ability had also recovered to around eighty to ninety percent.

Even though it wasn’t like before, among the batch of participants this time round, she was one of the leading third ranked Pill Masters and there was a huge possibility for her to obtain the top three, and even a chance to obtain the first place.

If this time she was able to win the championship in front of the unsurpassed strong practitioner from Blue Profound Sect, it would be a heavenly glory which was enough for her to make her name!

As for the other Pill Masters, most of them all had similar thinking in their minds as they all raised their heads and looked into the sky.

The Snow Cloud Sky Ship slowly descended.

The crowd below automatically moved to the surroundings, clearing a large vacant space.

The first people to get off the ship’s staircase were Luo Jiyun and Cang Po Jun and that had already attracted many people’s comments.

When Li Moying’s figure appeared on the deck, many young ladies all gave off ear piercing screams.

“It’s Young Sect Master Li, it’s really Young Sect Master Li!”

“He actually came to see the Rising Star Competition personally!”

“We’re too lucky today, to be able to see him appear personally!”