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Chapter 2136: New Deviant Flame (6)

Following that, a bolt of invisible Profound Energy slid through the sky and the Vientiane Spiritual Flame instantly split into two, becoming two bunches of flames.

These two flames were obviously much smaller than before by one whole round and the brightness of the combustion had dimmed by quite a bit.

Liu Buyan’s voice was heard coming from his back, “Junior sister, right now, congeal all the Profound Energy in your palm and slowly turn towards…. eh??”

His stern instructions were only halfway through when his eyes suddenly turned wide and even his mouth was still agape.

He only saw Huang Yueli lifting up her right hand and with a gentle wave, she had already beckoned the two balls of Vientiane Spiritual Flame into her hand.

The strong aura dissipated by the deviant flames fell into her slender palms and were going round in circles as she turned them around, as though it was normal open flames.

If not for the fact that he was able to sense the energy contained within the Vientiane Spiritual Flame, Liu Buyan would probably really think that he had seen it wrongly!

“This… Lass Li, you… this is…..” Even Dai Boqi had a dumbstruck look on his face.

Heavens knew that subduing deviant flames was an extremely dangerous matter and if one was not careful, they would suffer the backlash from the deviant flame and that’s the so-called inviting trouble onto oneself! Hence that was why he was so cautious.

Whoever knew that in the process of Huang Yueli subduing the deviant flame, she simply did not expend any effort at all.

She simply just waved a few times and the deviant flame just listened to her commands obediently? Not even with a hint of resistance?

Just what situation was this?

Huang Yueli waved her hand once again and kept away the deviant flame spark. Smiling, she said, “Master, I really have to thank you! With the Vientiane Spiritual Flame, I have much more confidence and will definitely perform well in the competition.”

“But, you… this…..” Dai Boqi was still unable to speak out an entire speech properly.

He had never seen such a ridiculous matter before! So many ninth stage realm Pill Masters and all of them weren’t able to subdue their own deviant flames! Whereas Huang Yueli is only in the seventh stage realm!

It was Liu Buyan who seemed to have understood a little as his gaze towards Huang Yueli was a few hints of appellation and reverence.

“Junior Sister, your, this… your Fire attribute innate talent, has it broken through ninth grade, to… an even higher level?”

Huang Yueli looked at Liu Buyan, then looked at Dai Boqi as she had no intention to hide, “Hmm, well you can put it that way!”

“Ninth grade and above… could it be god grade innate talent? Heavens, so god grade innate talent really exists?” Dai Boqi exclaimed unbelievably.

He had not expected that the disciple whom he tried ways and means to take in, was actually much more powerful by a hundred times more than his expectations!

This time round, he had really picked up a gem!

Huang Yueli smiled and said, “Exactly what level of innate talent it is, I’m not very clear as well but I can sense clearly that my Fire attribute innate talent is much higher than in my past life hence the reason for my cultivation speed to be much faster! In all, only Moying knows about this so I’d like to ask for Master and Senior Brother to keep this secret for me as well.”

“That’s of course!” Dai Boqi and Liu Buyan nodded their heads without any hesitation.

Dai Boqi then said, “Originally This old man was still worried that you’re still young and your cultivation isn’t quite enough yet so you might not be able to take on the impact of the deviant flame! Now seeing you so relaxed, this old man will also impart the other kind of deviant flame Rainbow Core Flame to you as well!”

Huang Yueli got a little worried, “Master, this will also harm your body too right? Let’s do it slowly, why rush to do everything together?”

Dai Boqi replied, “No harm, anyway I’d have to impart to you sooner or later.”

Huang Yueli then nodded her head.