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Chapter 2135: New Deviant Flame (5)

Huang Yueli asked curiously, “What’s that?”

Dai Boqi said, “The success rate for Pill Masters when refining pills, other than the skill they have, another factor is the effect of the flame which they use. This Master and your Senior Brother had already subdued several deviant flames and using those to refine pills, it would have twice the effect while doing half of the work. Now, This Master shall impart one of it to you.”

Huang Yueli blinked and cried out joyously, “Master, you’re going to give me a deviant flame spark?”

She had not expected Dai Boqi actually treated her so well!

Having already subdued the deviant flame spark, although they were able to divide it and pass it to someone else, but in this way, the deviant flame’s power would be reduced and it needs to be nurtured again within the body before it would recover its effect.

If Dai Boqi shared his deviant flame spark to her, then his own pill refining standard would definitely drop.

This was a rare gift.

Dai Boqi fiddled with his beard and slowly nodded his head, “Originally for a newbie like you, it’s really not suitable to use the deviant flame to refine pills for now because this is not advantageous to lifting your pill refining method but in order to guarantee your chances to win the competition, This Master can only resort to emergency measures. After the competition of skills ends, you will still need to use ordinary open flame to practice.”

Huang Yueli smiled and immediately agreed to it, “This Disciple understands!”

Seeing her smiling so brightly, Dai Boqi coughed out again, “Don’t be so happy too early. Although This Master is willing to impart the deviant flame to you, but you’re merely in the seventh stage realm so whether you’re able to subdue the deviant flame or not, that’s still too early to tell! Logically speaking, you will need at least eighth stage realm cultivation before you are able to subdue the deviant flame but as you have exemplary innate talent and with your Senior Brother here to stand guard, the possibility of success is still very huge.”

Huang Yueli listened to her Master’s teachings and silently nodded her head, but she wasn’t feeling worried at all in her heart.

Because even before she had any cultivation, she had already successfully subdued the True Phoenix Fire and facing a god grade genius like her, deviant flames totally don’t need her to expend any effort to subdue them and those would automatically submit to her.

She had already subdued the True Phoenix Fire and Amethyst Thunder Flame which were God Realm’s extremely rare top rated deviant flames and not only were those very useful while refining armaments, using those to refine pills would probably result in endless prowess as well.

Only thing was she needed to conceal her identity right now so she wasn’t willing to expose her own ace so for those excellent deviant flames, she could not use them nor did she intend to use them.

Whereas for the deviant flame which Dai Boqi was going to impart to her, there wasn’t any problem with that so even if it caused the jealousy from anyone else, that was something that her Master had imparted to her and would not raise any suspicions from anyone.

Dai Boqi didn’t know that Huang Yueli was thinking about all these.

All he was anxious about was that his beloved disciple didn’t have enough ability and would suffer a backlash from the deviant flame hence he was extremely cautious.

After he made Huang Yueli sit down cross-legged, he made Liu Buyan stand behind her as he was totally on alert.

After that he released a bundle of white coloured flame.

Huang Yueli’s eyes grew wide as she immediately recognised that this was the Vientiane Spiritual Flame which Dai Boqi had used previously!

This was a kind of Wind attributed flame and on the Deviant Flame Chart, it ranked in the top twenties.

The Vientiane Spiritual Flame was equipped with the speed and whether it was in terms of refining pills or armaments, it was useful in shortening the refining duration and was also able to uplift the effect of healing medication.

It could be said that it was a deviant flame which was the most suitable for taking part in competitions.

With it, it was skin to cheating and a large amount of time could be saved.

Dai Boqi was mediating with his eyes closed when he suddenly gave off a dull groan.