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Chapter 2134: New Deviant Flame (4)

Normally speaking, if she continued at this rate, she could already start to learn third level prescriptions.

Unfortunately, the time for the Pill Master Rising Star Competition was nearing and there was only the last day of preparation time.

Dai Boqi sighed as he shook his head with regrets, “Based on your innate talent, it isn’t difficult for you to refine third level medicinal herbs. But as there’s not much time left, it’s such a pity! If you had agreed to learn from This Master earlier, perhaps you might already had mastered all the third level prescriptions by now. In this way, winning the Rising Star champion is a matter of fact!”

Liu Buyan happened to walk in front the outside and when he heard that, he butted in smilingly, “Master, you’re purely having unnecessary worries! Based on Junior Sister’s ability, there’s no suspense in her coming in first place. How many third rank Pill Masters are there who are under twenty years old? Even if there is, they could barely just refine third level medicinal pills but couldn’t possible master all the prescriptions, right?”

Pill refining skills were something which really required talent and if that person lacked just a little in innate talent, then their abilities reflected would result in a huge disparity like Heaven and Earth.

Moreover, those who were able to refine three kinds of third level prescriptions could already be acknowledged as third rank Pill Masters so there wasn’t any need to master all. Huang Yueli learnt so much was merely because Dai Boqi had strict requirements.

Dai Boqi heard Liu Buyan’s words and nodded, “Forget it, This Master will first teach you the simplest few third level prescriptions first. I assume that the topics in Rising Star Competition shouldn’t be too difficult so hurry on and do a little bit of training so that you will be able to get over it by then. As for the rest, in future, This Master will teach you slowly!”

Huang Yueli naturally didn’t have any objections and under Dai Boqi’s guidance, she begun to refine third level prescriptions.

“Third rank, to a Pill Master, is a dividing line and most Pill Masters with ordinary innate talent might possibly not be able to breakthrough this bottleneck so to a genius like you, you ought to handle it even more carefully…”

Initially Huang Yueil had not placed much emphasis on this and due to a moment of folly, she ruined an entire tray of medicinal herbs.

This was her first time having with an entire tray of wasted pills and that made the spectator Liu Buyan laughed out loudly, “It’s not easy, not easy, my genius Little Junior Sister had finally made a mistake! That’s great, if you continue to be this genius all the way, I’d lost my favour with Master sooner or later!”

Huang Yueli was speechless, what kind of person was this! Gloating over someone else’s misfortune!”

She lifted up her chin, “This is just an accident, I won’t fail the next time!”

She focused all her concentration and was even more prudent than usual and all of her other refinements after that were all a total success.

As she had been standing next to the extremely heated pill furnace all the way, Huang Yueli’s forehead had long been filled with sweat and the large droplets of sweat started to drip down along her hairline and on her face, it had already formed a thin layer of mist which made her looked like a different kind of messy but wild beauty.

Liu Buyan looked at her fully concentrated side view and his heart was filled with lament.

This kind of genius and exceptional beautiful young lady, how was he not possibly moved by her? Unfortunately….. he had deep feelings…. but they were not fated…..

Just as he was lamenting on this, Huang Yueli had already completed her third refinement of medicinal pills as she lifted up her little head complacently, “How is it? Aren’t I awesome or what?”

Liu Buyan nodded his head as he spoke out from the bottom of his heard, “Too awesome!”

Even the usually strict Dai Boqi was also exceptionally satisfied with his little disciple’s performance.

“Mn, not bad, you’ve already reached the standard of a third rank Pill Master and your ability isn’t bad at all. But in order to guarantee that you will obtain the champion, This Master still needs you to do one thing!”