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Chapter 2129: Crash Drill (7)

Huang Yueli’s eyes flashed past a glint of light.

She could not help but admit that Dai Boqi was an experienced Pill Grandmaster and those theory that he said made Huang Yueli enlightened.

In the past, she had never got in touch with pill refining skills and did not had much understanding towards Pill Master’s control of fire so naturally she assumed that it was not much different from Armament Masters.

Now hearing Dai Boqi’s explanation, she then realised that Pill Masters had their own knacks and moreover, these…. seemed as though it could be used on armament refining skills as well.

With this in mind, Huang Yueli’s train of thought widened up and just thinking of the creative new pointers which she could utilised on armament refining skills revealed an expression of elation as she couldn’t help but started to deduce the steps in her mind.

As Dai Boqi was demonstrating and explaining at the same time, and after quite a bit of time later, he suddenly realised that his disciple didn’t have a single bit of reaction at all? His actions took a pause as he turned around to take a look at Huang Yueli and in the end, he saw her dazed and looked absentminded.

Dai Boqi couldn’t help but gave a hard cough, “Ahem!”

Huang Yueli’s senses instantly returned and on seeing Old Master Dai’s displeased look, she immediately readjusted the expression on her face, “That… Master, haha, your pill refining skills are indeed incredible, your disciple I have gone into a daze just from seeing it…”

Dai Boqi stared hard at her and spoke out in displeasure, “Stop talking crap! This old man will only demonstrate once and later on, you will do it on your own! Anyway, since your memory is so good and you have such high innate talent, as long as you really heard what I said earlier, you will definitely be able to acquire the skill. If you didn’t manage to acquire it… that would only prove that you weren’t listening seriously…”

“Cough cough, how could that be? I’ve always been prickling up my ears and listening!”

Huang Yueli immediately placed her hand back onto her knees as she sat upright and still like an obedient child, just short of prickling up her two rabbit ears.

Dai Boqi couldn’t do anything to his little disciple as he could only shake his head and continued with his own demonstration.

“… to refine medicinal herbs, the most important thing is to do it in sequence, step by step and we must raise the temperature of the flame slowly which will then allow the medicinal effect to slowly disperse out and to prevent losing too much of it….. like this…..”

“….. at the same time, you must focus on sensing the energy within the internal portion of the plants. Earth attribute represents life source attribute and it’s alive so you must remember this well. If you wish to release all the medicinal herb’s medicinal power in the herbs, you must go through a kind of interaction method to explore and not forcibly destroy…”

Dai Boqi skillfully controlled the flame as his eyes was slightly shut and both of his hands were waving around in mid-air.

Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron was slowly enveloped with a pale green halo and as the halo turned brighter and brighter, the medicinal power in the herb were totally restrained in the furnace with no sense of dissipation at all.

Huang Yueli gasped in admiration at Dai Boqi’s skills. The ginger gets spicier as it gets older, just from Old Master Dai’s skill, one was able to tell that it was the genuine connoisseur!

What Dai Boqi had refined this time round was one of the most basic first level medicinal pill – Blood Clotting Pill and that was something that all low levelled practitioners all required and the main purpose was to recover their qi and blood, treating the external injuries caused by Profound Energy.

He added all the medicinal herbs in succession according to the prescription and gradually released all the medicinal power within it.

Later on, his right hand waved and he covered the lid on as he begun to concentrate on controlling the flame, allowing different kinds of medicinal power to merge, then after allowing the moisture to dry up to form into a pill.

To Old Master Dai, just a Blood Clotting Pill was simply too simple.