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Chapter 2130: Crash Drill (8)

In just a quarter of an hour, the medicinal pill had already started to take shape.

Dai Boqi abruptly lifted open the furnace’s lid and waited for the Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron’s mist to dissipate.

In the furnace, ten over pieces of medicinal pills laid quietly on the tray and each piece were completely round as it dissipated a dim fragrance, moreover all of it were all second levelled medicinal pills!

Dai Boqi used first levelled medicinal herbs and refined out second levelled medicinal pills!

Huang Yueli naturally offered various praises and flattering words as she coaxed the old grandpa to break out into smiles.

But very soon later, Dai Boqi kept away all his smiles, “Alright, Lass Li, now is your turn to refine pills! You are the only pill refining genius with the greatest innate talent whom this old man has ever seen in my entire life so don’t disappoint This Master…”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and walked towards the Amethyst Gold Gem Furnace as she took a deep breath and immediately following that, she closed her eyes slightly and begun to sense the roving Heaven and Earth Profound Qi around her.

After that, she begun to copy the skills which Dai Boqi had demonstrated earlier and beckoning her hand in mid-air, she called upon the flame which she had prepared in advanced into her palm.

The flame she used was not her own deviant flame, but just an ordinary open flame which was exactly the same kind of flame which ordinary people used to cook.

According to Dai Boqi’s saying, when one started to learn pill refining, they would habitually use the open flame and if they were able to refine pill which were passable with that, then they would change to using deviant flames before they were able to progress.

The flame in her palm slowly changed as the temperature also changed and displayed different colours.

Not too long later, the flame then reached a satisfactory temperature and her right finger pointed slightly as the flame flew into the fire entrance.

Immediately following that, she opened the furnace lid and started to put in various kinds of medicinal herbs.

Haugn Yueli was doing all these earnestly and had always remained careful and totally focused because earlier when Dai Boqi was demonstrating, she had gained a lot of revelation with regards to armament refining and had momentarily lost track. She was worried that she might have forgotten about some steps and if she made a mistake, she could be criticised by the old master hence she put all 120% of her concentration, for fear that she might made a mistake.

It was until the first kind of medicinal herb was being refined normally in the furnace before she heaved a sigh slightly.

She waved her hand and put in the second kind of medicinal herb.

Following the different kinds of medicinal herbs being added, she became even more prudent and even more focused and at the same time, she also followed Dai Boqi’s instructions as she unleashed her own Earth attributed Profound Energy, entering into communication with the plants.

Initially she wasn’t able to get it but slowly, she begun to feel the slightly weak Earth attributed energy from the medicinal herbs that had begun to sing in harmony with the Profound Energy that she unleashed.

That was a kind of subtle sensation, as though those medicinal herbs were alive and had their own feelings and actions. Although she wasn’t able to talk to those herbs, but she was able to sense distinctly that they were interacting with herself, and slowly, the bond between the both of them became closer as the medicinal herbs unleashed more and more of its medicinal power…

Unknowingly, the medicinal herbs in the Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron begun to be masked with a layer of pale green halo, which was exactly the same as what Old Man Dai had demonstrated earlier…

Huang Yueli was totally indulged in this strange and comfortable feeling as the duration that she had placed the medicinal herbs grew shorter and shorter.

She was totally focused and could not be bothered about the surroundings so she naturally wouldn’t discover that by this time, Dai Boqi’s expression was one of shock and astonishment!

Old Master Dai rubbed his eyes hard, “Is this old man’s eyes getting blurry?”