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Chapter 2128: Crash Drill (6)

Huang Yueli was an exceptionally intelligent person so she naturally knew that at this moment, as his disciple, it was time for her to fawn on him with all that she’d got.

Hence, she put on an exclamation in admiration expression as she spoke out loudly, “Master, you’re incredible! You’re indeed the Continent’s first rated Pill Grandmaster, even the Pill Furnace which you use is so extraordinary!”

As expected, Dai Boqi became even more delighted as he continued to boast, “According to this old man’s textual criticism, this Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron is able to refine god grade medicine pills during the ancient times. But a pity that many God Pills’ prescriptions are already lost for many years and plus the fact that Soaring Heavens Continent’s Heaven and Earth’s Qi isn’t sufficient, many God grade medicinal herbs are already extinct so no matter how this old man tried, I’ve not been able to refine any God Pills at all…”

Saying that, Dai Boqi shook his head while lamenting, as he put on a sobbing look.

Huang Yueli understood his feelings very well because having already standing on the top in Soaring Heavens Continent, they naturally wanted to improve further.

As a ninth ranked Armament Master, she had always wanted to refine a God grade Profound Armament.

But alas, due to the lack of materials, due to the disparity of Profound Armaments and refining methods, it was practically impossible to achieve this.

Dai Boqi sighed for a while more before he regained his senses, “Alright, let’s not talk about all these. This Master shall use this Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron to give you a demonstration, on what is the genuine pill refining skills!”

When Dai Boqi finished whatever he wanted to say, he immediately straightened his body as he congealed his senses.

In an instance, the aura from his aura was changed completely.

If it was to say that usually when anyone met him, they probably only felt that he was a tough old man, then that Dai Boqi who was standing in front of the Pill Furnace was like a changed person, with the demeanor of a transcendent being, with the temperament of someone who lived outside the boundaries of this earthly world.

Huang Yueli subconsciously retreated a few steps as she stood quietly by the side, watching him perform.

Dai Boqi’s fingertips pointed and two light sparks flew out respectively from his left and right hand!

Huang Yueli’s pupils contracted as she immediately recognised that these were two different kinds of extremely rare deviant flames –Rainbow Core Flame and Vientiane Spiritual Flame.

Based on Dai Boqi’s cultivation, to be able to subdue these two deviant flames was naturally not a surprise, but what’s surprising was his control and merging of these two flames’ method, as it was extremely skilled.

The two deviant flames in his palm rolled about rampantly as it spiraled upwards and changed into different colours and irregular forms in succession until it was totally mixed together as one before he carefully sent it out into the fire entrance under the pill furnace.

This scene made Huang Yueli made a pondering expression.

When she usually refined Armaments, she would also often made use of several deviant flames but she had habitually placed the deviant flames underneath the armament furnace before using the powerful fire attributed power and affinity to proceed with the temperature control.

Whereas what Dai Boqi showed earlier was a totally different method which instead, first adjusted the flame to the peak.

Dai Boqi lit up the furnace and explained at the same time, “You Armament Masters are also good at controlling fires, so this old man is considered as displaying slight sills before an expert. But as compared to refining armaments, pill refining is a little more meticulous. The materials which armament refining uses are mostly metal ores or some kind of dead materials and in order to refine them, you will usually require powerful fire power. But when refining pills, the medicinal herbs and plants that we use are all living thing. Just like what you saw in the auction, those medicinal herbs are being kept in the jade box because we can’t afford to waste even a little bit of its medicinal effect! The bigger the fire power, it actually isn’t a good thing, which will lead to the loss of the medicinal effects.”