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Chapter 2127: Crash Drill (5)

From the looks of this, it was apparent that they were eavesdropping from the outside.

Originally, after the two of them had been chased out of the door, they didn’t go far and actually remained at the door, shooting gazes at each other which was filled with biting coldness and disdain.

“Indeed, a fellow who draws disdain, even your Master can’t stand you?” Li Moying’s brows lifted up coldly.

Liu Buyan was almost put on the spot but he couldn’t throw his face as the Number One Divine Doctor so he put on a brave front and sneered, “I left automatically because I didn’t want to interrupt Master and Junior Sister, unlike some other people who is apparently an outsider but still insisted on staying on shamelessly? What are you here for, trying to eavesdrop?”

Li Moying wasn’t angry as he folded his arms and swept a cold gaze over Liu Buyan, “Then why aren’t you leaving as well?”

“Me? I’m worried about Master and Junior Sister’s safety so I am specially standing guard over here! If there’s some sudden situation happening, surely they need someone to handle it, isn’t that so?”

Liu Buyan lifted his chin with a righteous expression as he slanted his head at the same time, evidently indicating Li Moying to get lost quickly!

However, Li Moying didn’t even bother lifting his eyelid as he gave a slight snort, “Oh, then I’m here standing guard too!”


The two of them almost started arguing but luckily Levitation Sword Palace had wonder sound isolation array otherwise Huang Yueli and Dai Boqi would had been irritated by then long ago and would have charged out to chase them away.

The two of them stood at the entrance for a while but unknowingly, they started to get nearer and nearer to the room door…

Just as this moment, Dai Boqi suddenly opened the door from the inside.

The two of them totally had not expected this to happen and could not evade in time as the door crashed onto the both of them.

“You two… what are you doing here?” Dai Boqi asked in astonishment.

Huang Yueli walked out from his back and on seeing Li Moying and Liu Buyan standing at the door, she immediately understood what happened. She gauged that these two men must be quibbling again!

Really! Weren’t they childish or what?

“Junior Sister, Master, why have the both of you came out so fast? How is Junior Sister’s learning? If there’s anything that you don’t understand, Senior Brother can…” Liu Buyan smiled wholeheartedly as he walked up.

However, before he could finish his words, the young lady was pulled to one side by Li Moying.

“Li’er, how is it? Are you tired?” He lowered his head and touched Huang Yueli’s face, as he asked softly.

Huang Yueli lifted her eye to look at him speechlessly, “I’m alright, I’m heading over to the pill refining room with my Master. Go back and rest, there’s no need to follow me around.”

“I’ll go along with you…” Li Moying immediately said.

Huang Yueli shook her head and said, “No need, what’s the point in you having to wait outside? Moreover, you will disturb me…”

“I promise not to disturb you…..”

Dai Boqi couldn’t stand it any longer as he coughed out, “Lass, enough, let’s ignore them. If they like to stay at the door, then just let them be! When they’re tired of staying, they’d leave on their own! Let’s not waste any more time, hurry on and let’s go!”


“Little Junior Sister…..”

Li Moying and Liu Buyan wanted to say something more but they saw Huang Yueli walking away with Dai Boqi without even turning her head back.

Inside the pill refining room.

Dai Boqi stood in front of an exquisite primitive simplicity pill furnace as he fiddled with his beard and spoke out delightfully, “Li’er, do you see this Pill Furnace? This Pill Furnace is called the Amethyst Gold Gem Cauldron and it was something that this old man had obtained from an early historical remain so this should be something that the ancient God Clan left behind. At that time, the furnace still had a God Pill which had not been refined completely!”