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Chapter 2126: Crash Drill (4)

However, the last time when she had a recitation competition with the younger Pill Masters, Dai Boqi did not witnessed it personally so naturally he wouldn’t believe in that there was anyone who had such great memory power.

But since Huang Yueli put on such a certain look, it made him slightly suspicious.

“Since that’s the case, then…. this old man shall then test you?” Dai Boqi spoke out uncertainly.

Huang Yueli had a solemn expression on, “Master, please test me!”

Dai Boqi himself was an esteemed Pill Grandmaster so naturally he had already

Remembered those books to heart. At this moment, he didn’t even looked for those original text but took two steps with his hands placed behind his back as he casually said, “There’s a book <> which introduces the Emperor Grass’s twelve commonly used prescriptions, do you still remember it?”

He picked a simple question as Emperor Grass was a kind of first level medicinal herbs and it was rather common but it had an extremely important healing efficacy and was widely used in various kind of medicinal pills for treatment and that was a knowledge which low ranked Pill Masters must grasp.

Huang Yueli replied without thinking, “The first kind of prescription is the Flesh Growing Pill, and mainly used to treat…”

Her speech was rapid and there wasn’t even a bit of pausing in between and not too long later, she had already listed out all twelve prescriptions and moreover, everything was exactly the same as the original text in <>, not even a single word was different.

Dai Boqi’s brows shook for a moment as he came out with the second question, “In the <>, it was recorded that there were twenty three kinds of medicinal herbs which are third level and below, which could be used to treat damages on meridians, do you still recall those?”

This question was much more difficult because the medicinal herbs for the treatment of meridians was much higher level and ordinary pill apprentices seldom understood such high levelled knowledge. Even if they read the contents related to the medical skills, it would be hard to completely understood it.

However, Huang Yueli continued to recite the original text out in a composed manner and not only so, Dai Boqi even specially asked her some questions related to the fine details, just to see what was her standard of her understanding only to discover that Huang Yueli had totally understood the contents in the book clearly.

This time round, Dai Boqi was truly astonished as his face revealed a shocked expression.

He hurriedly continued to ask the third, fourth question…..

Huang Yueli remained calm and composed, neither too hasty nor too slowly, as she gave a completely rounded answer to the questions posed.

Dai Boqi’s expression was getting more and more shocked by the minute and at the same time, his heart was growing more and more agitated, as he got more excited as time went by.

Finally, he patted his palm hard on the table as he burst out into laughter, “Hahahaha, this old man has really picked up a gem! Your memory is this good, you’re simply born to be a Pill Master! Even if it was your Senior Brother, he can’t even be match up to half of you! This is great, simply too wonderful! Looks like in future, your achievements will be much higher than Yan’er’s!”

Dai Boqi kept walking round in circles as he rubbed his hands, extremely excited to no end.

“Since you’ve already read a hundred and seventy over books, then your basic theory should almost be all there. So what’s left now are the knowledge from the classics to advancement and it’s not too late to read those after you’ve handled with that Rising Star Competition! Now come with This Master to the pill refining room and let’s see how your innate talent for controlling fire is!”

Saying that, he pushed the door and headed out first.

A dull thud was heard and the door seemed to have hit against something.

Dai Boqi was shocked as his footsteps took a halt and lifting his head, he realised that Li Moying and Liu Buyan were both standing outside the door.