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Chapter 2125: Crash Drill (3)

So after Dai Boqi took in her as his disciple, the first thing he did was to create a long, long list of books for Huang Yueli.

Ordinary pill refining apprentices would usually spend their first year reading medical books and just that alone, there were already hundred over books. Just the list of book titles on the paper already took up seven to eight pages.

Whereas in the booklist which Dai Boqi had given Huang Yueli, was on a whole different level which comprised of forty to fifty pages and adding them up, there were a total of five hundred and thirty books! Moreover, a majority of the books had already surpassed the category of basic foundational knowledge, and those belonged to rather in-depth skills and logic.

These books, if it were given to ordinary disciples, they might not be able to finish reading within three to five years’ time and even if they did managed to finish reading it, it would be too difficult to comprehend all of it.

Of course, from what Dai Boqi saw, his disciples were all geniuses and if they were to devote fully into it, spending a year and a half would probably enable them to barely finish reading it all.

Only thing was Huang Yueli was apparently not very interested in pill refining skills and the time she spent to read the books was simply too little so he was afraid that she probably hadn’t read a few books at all?

Dai Boqi didn’t had much hope as he just merely asked casually.

However, Huang Yueli sat upright as she spoke solemnly, “Master, I haven’t been reading books properly in this period of time so I’d like to admit my mistake to you first…..”

Dai Boqi nodded and was just about to lecture her when he heard Huang Yueli continuing, “In the book list that you’ve given to me, I’ve already read one hundred and seventy books and there’s still two thirds which I haven’t had time to finish reading but from today onwards, I will definitely work overtime and work a little harder…”

“Wait, wait!” Dai Boqi thought that he had heard wrongly, “You said you… you read how many books?”

Huang Yueli was stunned, “One hundred and seventy books…”

“One hundred and seventy books! Are you joking!” Dai Boqi patted his palm on the table and almost stood up in agitation! “You’ve read a hundred and seventy books in such a short period of time?”

Huang Yueli has only just acknowledged him as Master for roughly a total of ten days or so, and moreover she could only afford four hours to read books daily and if they were to calculate it all, that was merely twenty over hours so how could she possibly read so many books?

Huang Yueli blinked, “Ughh…. I know I read a little too fast but….”

“What’s called a little too fast? It’s too ridiculous isn’t it?” Dai Boqi stared at her for a moment and frowned, “Li’er, I saw finish reading, means you have to understand the knowledge written on the book and moreover you should be able to copy out the contents basically and not just simply flipping through and that’s it! You must read carefully when you read and not just gain superficial understanding from cursory observation! Even if you were able to read around thirty books in detail, that would be much better than you just skimming through roughly a hundred and seventy books!”

Huang Yueli spoke out in an extremely innocent tone, “But Master… I didn’t just gain superficial understanding from cursory observation! My memory’s not bad and as long as I’ve flipped through the book, I am able to remember all the contents on it so although I’ve read very quickly, but those parts which I should remember, I’ve remembered it all! If you don’t believe, you can draw some parts out from a few books, and I can recite the original text out!”

Dai Boqi’s eyes opened wide as he simply could not believe that such a matter could happen.

“Recite the original text? You… are you having a fever? In such a short bit of time, you’ve read through a hundred and seventy books and you can still recite it?”

Huang Yueli nodded her head earnestly.

Speaking of that, when she was still in the Alchemist Guild Headquarters, she had once spent a quarter of an hour to recite the thick <> book smoothly and now that these books were much thinner than <>, as long as she had to recite it normally, to her, it was actually a simple thing to do.