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Chapter 2124: Crash Drill (2)

“Enough, there’s nothing for you here! Go back and rest first!”

“But, Li’er, I’m worried about you. Won’t you let me stay here to accompany you?” Li Moying looked at her affectionately with a longing gaze as his handsome face leaned closer to her cheek, lowering his tone.

Huang Yueli’s face flushed red as she immediately reacted in time, this man… he was really shameless! He actually tried to use the trick of seduction to lower her guard!

She wasn’t moved at all but instead she shoved him hard, “Enough, stop fooling around! You don’t even know pill refining skills so what bustle are you trying to join in here? Quickly go settle your Sect’s affairs! Good bye!”

Saying that she turned her head around and couldn’t be bothered to take another look at him.

Li Moying’s lips twitched as his heart had an unspeakable grudge ang agony, especially when he met with Liu Buyan’s gaze, it made him even angrier with no place to vent it.

But he knew that if he continued staying here, it was purely just creating trouble and earlier he had intentionally tried to infuriate Liu Buyan which was why he wasn’t willing to leave.

But now that his fiancée had already said that, there was no way that he could stay.

Li Moying stood up and stretched out his long legs as he walked out of the door, brushing against Liu Buyan as he left.

Liu Buyan’s lips curled as he smiled, “Young Sect Master Li, take care! I will definitely teach my Junior Sister properly!”

Li Moying casted a fierce stare at him as he really wanted to beat this fellow up good! However, thinking that Huang Yueli was just at the side staring at him…. he still left silently.

When Li Moying’s figure disappeared behind the door, Liu Buyan’s face had just revealed a slight delight when he heard Dai Boqi said, “Yan’er, please leave for a moment as well!”

Liu Buyan’s smile froze in an instance as he asked astonishedly, “Master, why can’t I stay? I can also help! I’m not like Li Moying, who will only create trouble here!”

Dai Boqi gave a harrumph as he blew his beard, “With you around, I’m afraid that you’d create even more trouble than Young Sect Master Li! In the past when This Old Man taught you, you’d just ask all sorts of ridiculous questions to make things difficult for me! Later on if you continue to talk rubbish, by then will your Junior Sister listen to you, or listen to me?”

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes as she looked left and looked right, and understood what happened in an instance.

Looked like in the past, Liu Buyan was a problematic disciple who made Master had a great headache, asking unreliable questions in the past daily and that left a dark psychological shadow in Old Master Dai’s heart.

As expected, Liu Buyan instantly became awkward as he scratched his head, “Master, I admit my mistake alright? I guarantee that this time I won’t do it again! Don’t chase me away!”

“No way! Get out first!” Dai Boqi spoke forcibly out of a sense of righteousness.

Liu Buyan had a difficult expression on his face, “But…” But if he were to leave like this, he would definitely be laughed to death by Li Moying! But Dai Boqi was extremely insistent and Liu Buyan had no choice but to leave dejectedly.

In the room, it was only left with Dai Boqi and Huang Yueli, that pair of Master and disciple.

Dai Boqi coughed slightly and put on a solemn face, “Li’er, since you’ve already decided to learn pill refining skills properly this time round, then in the next ten days, put all your energy into pill refining and as for cultivation or other matters, you have to leave it all aside first.”

Huang Yueli immediately replied, “This disciple understands!”

Dai Boqi satisfactorily nodded, “Alright, then This Master shall first ask you, the last time I asked you to read through those medical books, how much have you finished reading?”

Before officially starting to refine pills, the first step was to grasp the basic knowledge of medicinal herbs and principles of medical science.

Only with a good foundation would they be able to go into in-depth learning, thereby putting it into practice after that.