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Chapter 2123: Crash Drill (1)

Dai Boqi gave a hum and said, “Anyway, this time round, it’s all because of that lad, so you ought to work hard right?”

The minute Huang Yueli saw that his expression wasn’t that nice, she immediately leaned over and acclaimed, “What Master lectures is correct! Disciple I will definitely work hard at learning! With Master this kind of super powerful Pill Grandmaster as a tutor, the championship will be a piece of cake!”

Liu Buyan couldn’t help but burst out laughing while listening by the side.

Huang Yueli had always been able to stretch and bend at will and when she was tough, it was enough to infuriate one to death but when she intentionally acted obedient, she’d become extremely agreeable.

Indeed, when Dai Boqi saw his little disciple’s sparkly big eyes with an obedient look, his anger immediately subsided and moreover, he was feeling comfortable all over from her fawning.

He fiddled with his beard and spoke out delightfully, “Isn’t that so? You are my, Dai Boqi’s disciple, it would be strange if you can’t get Number One!”

Liu Buyan immediately added, “Let’s not delay any further, there’s not much time left! Since Little Junior Sister has already decided to register for the examination, then let’s hurry and get prepared?”

“Right, right, right!” Dai Boqi was suddenly enlightened as he knocked his head, “Although your innate talent is very good, but you have started off a little later so a few old fellas from the Alchemist Guild, was said to have taken in a few outstanding disciples so you can’t lose to them and embarrass This Master!”

Saying that, he looked at Huang Yueli, “Li’er ah, Master wants to ask you…”

Before Dai Boqi could say a word, Liu Buyan suddenly coughed, thereby interrupting him.

“What’s the matter?” Dai Boqi frowned.

Liu Buyan’s lips curled as his vision turned towards Li Moying who was seated in the corner and he spoke out slowly, “Master, there’s an outsider around!”

After Li Moying followed Huang Yueli into the room, he then found a place to take a seat as he just silently sat there and listened to the Master and disciples’ interaction, not butting in at all.

At this moment, when Liu Buyan suddenly mentioned about this, he slowly put down the tea cup in his hands and his handsome face which bore an aloof and cold intention met with Liu Buyan’s line of sight.

The two men exchanged glances for a moment and Liu Buyan’s intention to send the guest off couldn’t be any clearer but Li Moying still sat firmly on the chair as his posture was erect with a sophisticated and laid-back look, as though he totally didn’t realised that he wasn’t welcome there at all.

Liu Buyan waited for a moment and finally couldn’t bear it any longer, “I say.. Young Sect Master Li, you’re at least the main personnel for a large Sect so do you know the rules of the jungle or not? We Master and disciples are imparting an exclusive skill and you, the outsider is just sitting there and listening to us, it seems… not very suitable isn’t it?”

Li Moying’s brows then rose as he spoke out lazily, “Outsider? Who are you talking about? Are you talking about yourself? Li’er’s my wife!”

When Huang Yueli heard what the shameless man said, her eyes opened wide as she simply could not believe her own ears.

Liu Buyan was even more annoyed, “Li Moying, what are you trying to pretend? My Master is going to teach his disciple, so will you please stay away for a moment!”

This time round, he couldn’t even be bothered about image as he simply opened his mouth and chased him away!

Li Moying still remained leaning against the chair as his thin lips curled upwards, “Young Master Liu, This Sovereign…. Ouhh!”

Before he could say a single word, he suddenly felt pain coming from below his ribs. Huang Yueli had used her elbow to knock against his chest as her embarrassment turned into anger, making him almost not being able to breathe.

“Li’er…” He clutched his chest, as he looked begrudgingly at his little fiancée.

Huang Yueli stared hard at him.