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Chapter 2122: Bipolar Black Orchid’s whereabouts (8)

Liu Buyan smiled, “This matter should not be delayed, let’s go meet Master right away!”

Huang Yueli nodded her head and brought Liu Buyan to the biggest side chamber in Levitation Sword Palace.

Dai Boqi was right there and moreover, Li Moying had specially set up a pill refining room for him so that it would be more convenient for him to study the prescription.

On seeing Liu Buyan, Dai Boqi let out a surprised and shocked expression but subsequently he settled down and patted his shoulder, “Disciple, melons which are forcibly twisted off their vines are not sweet and there are many good ladies under the heavens so just wait for Master to find you one! Even if there’s none in Soaring Heavens Continent, just continue hard on cultivating and in future when you reach God Realm, there are plenty of beautiful ladies with outstanding innate talents! If I were to say, you are much more handsome than Young Sect Master Li, your Junior Sister just doesn’t have the eyesight!”

Seeing Dai Boqi so concerned about him, Liu Buyan couldn’t help but felt a little touched as he spoke out softly, “Master, don’t worry, I know what I should do.”

Li Moying who followed at the back, had his face turned black instantly when he heard Dai Boqi’s words.

On seeing that, Huang Yueli immediately tugged him hard as she instructed softly, “Not allowed to disrespect my Master!”

Li Moying snorted coldy but didn’t say a word.

Huang Yueli pouted her lips and stretched out her fingers to poke him, “Did you hear me?”

Li Moying lowered his head to take a look at his little fox and on seeing her big eyes winking back at him, he couldn’t help but purse his lips, “I know.”

Huang Yueli then pulled him along as she walked upwards and bowed towards Dai Boqi, “Master!”

Dai Boqi looked at her and saw Li Moying who was beside her as an awkward expression appeared on his face, “You’re all here, quickly come in and take a seat!”

As Huang Yueli and the rest walked at the back, it was only until now that he realised that Li Moying was present and he had definitely heard himself praising his own disciple while belittling him. Although there was a reason for saying so, but it still made him the elderly man felt that his face was hanging loose.

Liu Buyan cupped his fist into his other hand and said, “Master, we will not go in. Today we’ve came because there’s something extremely important and need your help.”

Dai Boqi asked curiously, “What’s the matter?”

Liu Buayn immediately related the entire matter regarding the Bipolar Black Orchid and Pill Master Rising Star Competition to him.

When Dai Boqi heard it midway, he already understood what was going on, “You’re intending to let your Junior Sister take part in the Rising Star Competition to win the Bipolar Black Orchid back?”

Liu Buyan nodded.

Dai Boqi said, “If it was your Junior Sister who took part, that bunch of trash naturally couldn’t be compared to her and the champion would definitely be hers. But now, her thoughts aren’t on pill refining at all and This Master is having a headache over this!”

Hearing that, even Liu Buyan was stunned for a moment, “Really? Junior Sister’s innate talent… is really that outstanding?”

Earlier when he said an estimation, it was merely fourty percent success but in Dai Boqi’s words, it became a natural success.

Didn’t that meant that in Dai Boqi’s eyes, Huang Yueli’s innate talent was even more outstanding than his?

Dai Boqi gave a hehe and said, “Yan’er, your Junior Sister is incredible!” Saying that he turned around and looked at Huang Yueli, “How is it, Li’er? Every time This Master asks you to learn pill refining skills, you’d always find various reasons to reject it. This time round, for your future husband, surely you need to set out some determination?”

Huang Yueli laughed dryly, “Master, what are you saying? I’ve never intentionally tried to push it away, only… I really have no time…”

She thought that the excuse she found was already perfect but whoever knew that it had long been seen through by Old Master Dai.