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Chapter 2121: Bipolar Black Orchid’s whereabouts (7)

Liu Buyan paused for a moment and when he lifted his head up, he met with Li Moying’s eyes for the first time today.

As they both exchanged glances, they were a little stirred up as well.

Once they had been best buddies who had trusted each other with their lives and their understanding towards each other was naturally extremely deep.

As compared to the overbearing and resolute Li Moying, Liu Buyan’s reserved character and stable manner of handling matters, no matter if it was in terms of words or action, if there wasn’t a eighty or ninety percent chance, he would not casually make a decision.

So even if the suggestion he made for Huang Yueli took part in the competition sounded unreliable, or perhaps it was more suitable to be wild, so much that even Huang Yueli herself didn’t believed that she could do it.

But Li Moying was very sure that since Liu Buyan had said this, then this matter was something that she probably would be able to achieve.

After some time, Liu Buyan then gave a sigh as he spoke out firmly, “That’s right, Little Junior Sister, just relax. As long as you’re able to coordinate with me and Master’s drill, then the possibility of you obtaining the champion in the Pill Master Rising Star Competition would at least be fourty percent!”

The possibility of forty percent didn’t sounded a lot, but Huang Yueli and Li Moying both nodded their heads at the same time.

They had experienced various kinds of competition and were very clear that this kind of inter-Continent competition had strong competitors which were like clouds everywhere, and the numbers weren’t little at all. Even if she was able to crush them in terms of ability, that didn’t meant that she would necessarily obtain the champion so forty percent was actually the display of a certain assurance.

Liu Buyan continued, “My Master, I know him very well. His eyesight is extremely high and if it wasn’t for the fact that Junior Sister’s innate talent is extremely outstanding, he would not possibly keep begging you like to, for you to acknowledge him as Master. Moreover, he had not left the Alchemist Guild Headquarters for the past decade and this time, because of you, he actually went on such a far journey to Blue Profound Sect, so that meant that your innate talent is optimal!”

Actually, Liu Buyan himself felt extremely stunned.

Because Huang Yueli still remained as an Armament Master in this lifetime and that meant that her Fire and Metal attribute innate talents were already at first rate but Dai Boqi looked up to her so much so that also meant to say that Huang Yueli had at least a ninth grade talent in Earth attribute!

Trio attributed ninth grade talent… this was a little too ridiculous!

But since the truth was shown right in front of his eyes, he had no choice but to believe it!

Liu Buyan had been thinking while speaking, “Looks like my Junior Sister’s innate talent isn’t any worse off than mine. That year when I learnt pill refining skills under my Master, I only spent ten days to become a second ranked Pill Master. That was still under the situation when I wasn’t even concentrating hard. If Junior Sister starts learning, I’m sure you will be even more hardworking than me so ten days should be sufficient.”

Liu Buyan didn’t mean to show off when he said these.

But in Huang Yueli’s ears, she still felt rather shocked.

Generally speaking, to enter the entry level for pill refining skills, it was actually extremely difficult and even for those pill refining apprentices with not bad innate talents, they would spend several years’ time on learning before they have the chance to take part in the Pill Master’s assessment and those who were finally being able to pass the assessment sometimes resulted in none in every ten.

In the Alchemist Guild Headquarters, third ranked Pill Masters below twenty years old were just so rare lie phoenix feathers and unicorn horns that they could be termed as first rated pill refining geniuses already.

Whereas for Liu Buyan, he actually used a total of ten days to achieve to second rank!

No wonder everyone said that Liu Buyan was a virtuoso in pill refining skills, he indeed lived up to his name!

From what Liu Buyan analysed, Huang Yueli was much more confident about herself as she nodded and said, “Alright, since all of you trust me so much, then I will definitely try my best!”