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Chapter 2119: Bipolar Black Orchid’s whereabouts (5)

Recalling the time when he mentioned Huang Yueli, those terrified expressions on those Pill Masters, Liu Buyan just felt a series of headaches.

When Huang Yueli heard that, she couldn’t help but coughed as she was apparently awkward as she spoke, “This… it indeed seems as though there’s such a thing but it wasn’t that I had to not get along with them but they had to create trouble for me, so surely I can’t be a sitting duck right?”

Liu Buyan lowered his head and the volume of his voice lowered slightly, “I don’t have any intention to berate you. I just checked on the situation back then and also found out that you were bullied by them and those were because of my negligence. I thought that on account of my face, no one would dare to treat you badly but I’ve not imagined that they were actually so bold! If it wasn’t for the fact that you were intelligent and powerful enough, I’m afraid that it will be too late for regret…..”

Li Moying casted a cold gaze at him, not saying a single word.

But Liu Buyan somehow managed to sense his gaze, as his heart, had an unspeakable helpless feeling.

Once, he had righteously criticised Li Moying, blaming him for not being able to protect Huang Yueli properly but now, when it was his turn, he then realised that the amount of things that he could do, couldn’t even be compared to Li Moying…

At least, when Huang Yueli stayed in Levitation Sword Palace, she had never suffered any grievances and everyone treated her with respect, giving her even more freedom than when she was in Blue Profound Sect.

When Huang Yueli saw that, she secretly stared at Li Moying before shifting her gaze towards Liu Buyan.

“Senior Brother, let’s not mention those matters which had already passed. If I knew that we might need to beg them one fine day, I wouldn’t had been that ruthless back then but now that things have come to such a pass, how are we going to get the Bipolar Black Orchid? Do you have any other ideas?”

Liu Buyan muttered to himself irresolutely for moments before he spoke out slowly, “Since President Feng insists on using the Bipolar Black Orchid to become the prize for the Pill Master Rising Star Competition, then the simplest way would naturally be to win it back from the competition! In this way, no matter if President Feng was willing or not, he couldn’t possibly renege on this in front of all the practitioners in Sky Emperor City. But this competition’s candidates aren’t that easy to find. According to regulations, the Pill Masters who are taking part in the competition must be under twenty years old and under third rank, and these are the basic conditions.”

“Besides that, in order to guarantee to win the Bipolar Black Orchid, this person must show exemplary ability and be able to obtain the champion among the rising stars and also guarantee that when that person has obtained the Bipolar Black Orchid, he must be willing to sell the medicinal herb to us. These two conditions are very hard to achieve.”

Speaking till this point, he stopped and looked at Huang Yueli as a few streaks of brilliance was revealed beneath his eyes.

“Before coming to Blue Profound Sect, I was still very worried on who to look for to take part in this competition but now, I’ve finally assured…”

Huang Yueli was stunned as she met his anticipative gaze, and subconsciously pointed her finger at herself as her head tiled to one side and asked, “You’re saying…. me?”

Liu Buyan nodded, “That’s right. You’re just under twenty and is a rookie Pill Master. Moreover, if you win the competition, the Bipolar Black Orchid will definitely belong to you. The only problem is you still aren’t a registered Pill Master in the Alchemist Guild but with me and Master as your guarantor, you will still be able to register for it.”

Huang Yueli heard his clear and logical analysis as she blinked and hurriedly cried out, “Wa… Wait a moment! Senior Brother, your meaning, surely you don’t really want me to go take part in this whatever Rising Star Competition right?”