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Chapter 2118: Bipolar Black Orchid’s whereabouts (4)

There were no words of love which was even more touching than this!

Hearing her words, Li Moying’s eyes lit up instantly and his peach blossomed eyes flowed with gentleness which was about to seep out.

He pulled Huang Yueli’s hand and locked it tightly into his palm, refusing to loosen it.

Li Buyan’s sight fell onto their interlocked hands and his gaze turned dark and gloomy as his heart was filled with an indescribable sourness.

After finding out about Huang Yueli’s true identity, he was very clear that he absolutely would not possibly have any chances to intervene into the both of them.

Two lifetime’s feelings, no matter in life or death, the bond between the two of them was so intense that it even made Li Moying to go against heaven successfully, changing the course of events!

This meant to say that the fate between them was something which could not be broken.

Whereas he Liu Buyan… in this incomparable predestined love, forever, would only be in the position of a supporting role…

No matter how unresigned he was, no matter how much regrets and hatred he had, he had no choice but to accept this ending…

Liu Buyan silently sighed as he shifted his gaze away, not wishing to see how intimate these two were. He gazed out of the window as he spoke out gloomily once again.

“I know that Junior Sister, you are doing it to save Young Sect Master Li. This time I came back is also because of this matter. The last time I already said that I’ve already found news of the Bipolar Black Orchid, and that was a Pill Master buddy of mine who had once mentioned it, that he came across one stalk while on experience learning. I went over to look for him these few days in order to purchase the Bipolar Black Orchid but whoever knew that coincidentally, this stalk of Black Orchid is no longer in his hands.”

When Huang Yueli heard that, she immediately turned anxious, “What? He sold the Bipolar Black Orchid? Or has he already refined it into another medicinal pill?”

Liu Buyan shook his head and said, “Both are not the answer. Some days ago, he had already donated the Bipolar Black Orchid to the Alchemist Guild Headquarters as a prize for this round’s Pill Master Rising Star Competition.”

“What? Donated? This is a ninth level medicinal herb, why made him so depressed to do so! Ask him to donate another stalk of medicinal herb, I will offer a high price for this Bipolar Black Orchid!” Huang Yueli frowned as she said that.

Liu Buyan sighed and said, “I also said the same thing but that Pill Master refused because to reclaim the item which he had already donated is an extremely embarrassing matter! I can understand his point so I personally went over to the Alchemist Guild Headquarters to negotiate on this.”

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief when she heard that, “With you around, looks like there shouldn’t be any problem! Have you got the medicinal herb?”

Liu Buyan didn’t reply when he heard what she said, but used a strange glare as he stared at Huang Yueli for a long time.

Huang Yueli felt that all her hair were standing from his stare as she couldn’t helped but frowned, “You… why do you keep staring at me?”

Li Moying simply pulled Huang Yueli behind his back, not allowing other men to stare at his little fiancée.

Liu Buyan then spoke out, “I originally thought that this was a small matter and President Feng was indeed willing to pass me the Bipolar Black Orchid initially. Whoever knew that I didn’t pay any attention and had a slip of the tongue, saying that the medicinal herb was for you, he immediately regretted and changed his mind, refusing to give me the Bipolar Black Orchid no matter what! From his looks, it seems as though he simply hated you to the core!”

Huang Yueli was in a daze, “President Feng?”

“That’s right. Later on, I went to check it out and realised that while I wasn’t in the Alchemist Guild, you actually tossed both President Feng and his daughter all around!”