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Chapter 2120: Bipolar Black Orchid’s whereabouts (6)

Liu Buyan was tickled pink by her shocked expression as his lips curl up, “Of course you will take part in it, surely you aren’t expecting me to take part right?”

“But…..” Huang Yueli’s tongue was tied, “I still… don’t know how to refine pills?”

Speaking of that, although she had officially acknowledged Dai Boqi as her Master, but she spent most of her time cultivating and taking care of Li Moying so other than drawing out two hours before she sleep daily to read some medical books, she totally didn’t spent much time on her pill refining skills.

Moreover, she still hadn’t officially learnt how to refine pills till this date.

Liu Buyan smiled and said, “I’ve already explained that this Pill Master Rising Star Competition will officially start in another ten days’ time and during this period of time, let’s do a concentrated drill so there should be high hopes. But the amount of time is slightly pressing so we will need to catch hold of time tightly. From today onwards, Master and I will bring you through a strict regime of training and within ten days, we must raise you to the standard of a second ranked Pill Master!”

Huang Yueli rarely revealed a stupefied expression, “This… will it really do?”

Liu Buyan replied, “Why? Don’t you wish to save your fiancé’s life anymore?”

Huang Yueli looked at him, rather speechless, “Of course I want badly to save Moying, that’s why I asked you that! If it were usual times, asking me to take part in the Rising Star Competition to test my standard, of course I’d naturally be willing. But this concerns the belonging of the Bipolar Black Orchid! If I’m unable to meet your requested standard within these ten days, wouldn’t I be harming Moying?”

Since her past life, Huang Yueli had always been a first rated peerless genius in Soaring Heavens Continent.

This kind of challenge was something that she practically wouldn’t evade, but instead she would meet it head on.

But this was her first time, revealing such a lack of confidence.

Because the result of this competition to her, was simply too important! If it wasn’t for her mistake, to make Li Moying missing the best chance for treatment, she would probably be unable to forgive herself even if she died!

Huang Yueli bit her lips with a worried look but at this moment, a firm and strong arm suddenly wrapped around her slender waist.

Li Moying used a little bit of strength to bring her into his embrace as her back was plastered against his chest and then lowering her head, he whispered into her ears, “Li’er, I trust you! You don’t need to doubt your own ability.”

Huang Yueli turned her head over to see the man’s perfectly sculpted looks as her voice also turned soft, “But, in this way I won’t have much time to take care of you?”

Li Moying laughed softly, “Am I that frail? Aren’t you belittling your man a little too much!”

“Really? Who was the man, who secretly cultivated a few days ago and fainted?” Huang Yueli pouted as she glanced askance at him.

“This…. hur hur, hur hur….”

Looking at the two whispering into each other’s ears intimately, the young lady’s petite body being tightly locked in front of the man, totally amiable and compatible with each other.

Liu Buyan pursed his lips, expressing that he could no longer watch them.

This reflection of their love… made his heart stuffed!

“Alright, Little Junior Sister, do you agree or not? There’s not much time remaining and if you’re willing to take part in the competition, we have to grab hold of time tightly!”

Before Huang Yueli had even said anything, Li Moying swept Liu Buyan with a glance as he spoke out first.

“I know that you Divine Doctor Liu basically never does anything that you’re not certain of. You suggested for my Li’er to take part in the competition, it seems that you definitely have a certain percentage of success?”