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Chapter 2085: Capture her! (2)

Huang Yueli practically exhausted all of her strength but Chi Xiao Jiu and the others caught up very quickly.

On seeing that the distance between them were merely thirty meters, Huang Yueli’s fingers moved and retrieved a thunder flame ball from the Sky Phoenix Ring and using her exclusive technique, she threw it towards them.

Following the increase in her cultivation, her armament refining standard also raised considerably and the thunder flame balls which she refined were much more formidable than before!

The moment the thunder flame ball left her hands, it instantly exploded on the corridor!

A strong burst of energy current split open abruptly and wildly shot around in all corners!

Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s room was built with high grade materials that were extremely sturdy but under this kind of shock, it instantly crumbled into shambles.

The carved pillars on the corridor and an entire face of wall collapsed, blocking Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu’s path.

Simultaneously, as the explosive might was simply too strong, even though they were already at ninth stage realm cultivation, they still didn’t dare to rush straight into the heart of the fire, but rather they subconsciously paused.

Huang Yueli hurriedly grabbed hold of the chance and rushed forward madly.

She knew that even if it was an explosion from a seventh stage realm thunder flame ball, to a ninth stage realm practitioner, the damage which it could cause was practically minute and it could only hinder them for a short moment. It wouldn’t take much longer before she was still chased closely by them.

But as long as she could find someone from Blue Profound Sect or perhaps attract the attention of the top exponents in Soaring Heavens Continent then perhaps Chi Xiao Jiu and the other wouldn’t be able to do anything to her.

After all, this was Soaring Heavens Continent’s turf and even if it was just both Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu, they wouldn’t dare to kill anyone right here.

With this thinking in mind, Huang Yueli kept hurling out the thunder flame ball in her hands.

Sometimes she hurled it towards the two who were pursuing after her and sometimes she took a precise look at the surrounding architecture and just threw it recklessly.

Anyway, the bigger the commotion, the easier it was to raise Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s attention, then the bigger the chance of her escape would be.

Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu were caught off guard when they were struck by the first thunder flame ball.

The wall which had collapsed stirred up a huge amount of dust and they were soon covered with a layer of dust including their faces. The both of them chocked from it and coughed repeatedly as their vision was also affected by this sudden screen of dust and they weren’t able to view the surroundings clearly. With so much dust covering them, they didn’t resemble a prestigious ruler from a large powerhouse. Rather, they looked more like farmers who had just crept out from a mud puddle.

“Damn it! That little wretched lass! She actually has such a powerful Profound Weapon on her!”

“Cough cough, this is choking me to death! Really damn it!”

“Alright, stop just coughing right here, that little brat has ran away! Let’s chase after her quickly! Dare to trick This Seat in such a manner, she must feel that her life is a little too long!”

“Quickly chase up to her! Let’s see what other tricks she has up her sleeve!”

The both of them had finally dashed out from the grey stones and on lifting their heads, they realised that the little brat who had eavesdropped on them had increased the distance between them as they hurriedly picked up their pace and chased after her.

The both of them originally thought Huang Yueli only had a piece of seventh tier thunder flame ball on her which was already considered very good so she definitely wasn’t able to throw out another one.

But in the end, whoever knew that after running a short distance away, Huang Yueli threw the second piece of thunder flame ball and immediately following that, the third piece, the fourth piece…

Consecutive explosions rang and Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s rear courtyard was bombarded until it became a state of ruins.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s expression changed, seemingly realising something.

“Bad! This little brat is causing such a huge commotion so that she could lure Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s men over and escape while in the state of chaos!”