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Chapter 2084: Capture her! (1)

Huang Yueli was listening attentively and had totally not expected to be touched as she was so shocked that she almost jumped up.

Lowering her head, she saw that spotted cat which had scurried away earlier, had unknowingly returned and was rubbing itself affectionately against her leg.

Huang Yueli couldn’t help but frowned. It wasn’t that she didn’t liked animals but now at this juncture, this cat ran over so wasn’t it adding trouble for her?

Huang Yueli raised her feet gently and tried to drive the cat away.

Whoever knew that the cat also had its own temper and after being kicked, it’s embarrassment turned into fury as it gave a sharp “meow”.

The instant that cat cried out, Huang Yueli’s expression changed as she knew that things were not going well!

Whereas when Chi Xiao Jiu heard that cat cry, his brows rose sharply!

Today, they weren’t able to bid for the Purified Branch successfully and earlier he had his handle being used against him by Ling Qing Yu so Chi Xiao Jiu already had a stomach full of anger but knowing that he wasn’t able to do anything to Ling Qing Yu, he forcibly endured it.

Now on one look, that fat cat actually dared to kept crying out recklessly in front of him several times so that instantly lit up the fury in Chi Xiao Jiu’s mind!

He was unable to kill a person but killing a cat… he had no restraint about it at all!

Almost at the same time, Chi Xiao Jiu’s Ardent Cloud Sword was already unsheathed as he walked towards the fake mountain where Huang Yueli was hiding with an evil grin.

Huang Yueli knew that she would definitely be exposed this time round so she decisively grabbed the right timing and using an appropriate strength, she picked that spotted fat cat out.

Chi Xiao Jiu had just walked to the side of the fake mountain when a ball of furry thing crashed onto him head on.

“What’s that??”

He was caught unaware when the big cat crashed heavily onto his face.

This cat was reared by Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild and was extremely fat, weighing ten over catties. Adding to the fact that Huang Yueli had used a tremendous amount of strength to kick it out, its power was considerably huge.

Chi Xiao Jiu had crashed against it head on at a near distance and almost went dizzy from the crash as his eyes saw stars and he shuffled back repeatedly for a number of steps.

That cat was also feeling pain from the crash and while mewing out sharply, it also stretched out its claws to scratch whatever it could laid its paws on, scratching a few dozen of claw marks on Chi Xiao Jiu’s head.

Instantly, a large amount of blood started to drip down from Chi Xiao Jiu’s head as it started to flow down from the two sides of his face.

Huang Yueli took the opportunity and tapped her feet as she flew swiftly, scurrying away on the path!

Ling Qing Yu saw someone running out and had a rude shock as she instantly shouted out, “Who’s there? Someone actually eavesdropped on our conversation? Stop right there!”

As she said that, she quickly pursued after her.

Chi Xiao Jiu gave a strange cry as he shook his head furiously and he spent quite an amount of effort before he managed to shake the cat away.

He was in pain and feeling indignant and had long been infuriated past the limit when he heard Ling Qing Yu saying “someone eavesdropping” and immediately understood what had happened.

“Where did this thief came from, daring to eavesdrop on This Seat’s conversation and even dare to assassinate This Seat with such shady methods, really looking for death! When This Seat catches you, I will definitely subject you to torture, making you wish that you were better off dead than alive!”

Chi Xiao Jiu gritted his teeth and the expression on his face was extremely sinister as he raised his long sword and hurriedly pursued after her!

Huang Yueli heard the sounds from her back and knew clearly that if she was caught by them, she would be finished.

She instantly mobilised all the Profound Energy within her body and extended the God grade footwork Agility Dance Steps, exhausting all her energy as she ran swiftly.

But the disparity between a sixth stage realm peak practitioner versus a ninth stage realm practitioner was simply too huge.