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Chapter 2086: Capture her! (3)

“No! We must capture her immediately!”

The two of them exchanged glances as they increased their speed together at the same time.

However, while they were in hot pursuit, Ling Qing Yu couldn’t help but frowned as a spiral of suspicions started swirling up in her heart.

“Strange, why do I feel that this little thief’s back looks a little familiar? Could it be someone whom we have met before?”

“Now that you mentioned it…” Chi Xiao Jiu was also stunned, “This slender figure isn’t considered that tall, somehow looks like…. a girl?”

Speaking of that, Ling Qing Yu vigorously regained her senses, “I know! This is Blue Profound Sect’s young lass! The one who fought with us over the bidding of the Purified Branch!”

“So it’s her!” Chi Xiao Jiu took a careful look and also managed to recognise her as the expression on his face instantly turned even more malicious, “There’s a doorway to Heaven but you refused to take but insisted on barging into the door of Hell! I was just feeling frustrated that there’s no way to catch you, this time round… you’re really the one who came looking for death yourself!”

The two of them were even more persistent in catching Huang Yueli as they utilised one hundred percent of their abilities.

In this way, Huang Yueli’s speed could no longer be an advantage and very soon, both parties’ distance shortened once again.

Huang Yueli was coerced into a corner and on seeing that there was no other way out, she could only choose to stop.

“Both… misunderstanding, everything’s a misunderstanding… I merely happen to pass by the Guild and there’s nothing that I have heard which I shouldn’t, so why must you pursue after me relentlessly?” Huang Yueli gave a dry laugh as she said that.

“Happen to pass by?” Ling Qing Yu stopped in her footsteps as a cold intent surfaced on the corners of her lips.

“That’s really funny, why would Young Miss Bai, as Blue Profound Sect’s Young Sect Master’s fiancée not stay in Blue Profound Sect’s turf with your man, but ran over to such a desolated courtyard for? Can’t you find a better reason if you’re trying to look for one?”

Huang Yueli put on an honest and innocent look as she raised up her right hand, “I swear! I really happen to pass by. I saw the cat which Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild had raised was so adorable so I chased after it to have fun with it. In the end while I was still rubbing the cat, you suddenly ran over and on seeing your fierce looks, I had a fright and didn’t dared to come out…”

“Oh? Really?” Ling Qing Yu apparently didn’t believe her.

Huang Yueli kept nodding her head and opened her mouth as she started to cook up random nonsense.

“Really, I swear it’s the truth! I know that you definitely don’t want anyone to hear your conversation so I have been covering my ears, stifling it so I didn’t heard anything!”

Ling Qing Yu’s expression was extremely ugly, “Bai Ruoli, do you treat me like an idiot?”

Huang Yueli immediately replied, “Eldest Young Miss Ling, we Blue Profound Sect and Celestial Heavens Gate had always been on cordial terms so why don’t you be magnanimous and let me off? Otherwise in future if our Sovereign asks, it wouldn’t be easy for you to explain to him isn’t it?”

The moment she said that, Huang Yueli immediately felt a wave of disgust.

Ling Qing Yu had actually been coveting the man who she liked! And because of that, she didn’t even mind to lay her murderous hand on her!

The moment she thought of these, she felt bouts of nausea but alas in order to save her own skin, she could only pull out her fiancé as a target board, at least for her to escape this calamity first.

When Ling Qing Yu heard the word “Sovereign”, she indeed went into a short blank.

However, before she could even open her mouth, Chi Xiao Jiu hastily butted in in a flabbergasted manner, “Enough, stop talking such nonsense with this young lass! Can’t you tell that she’s trying to prolong the time? This Seat can tell clearly that she had secretly released a direct disciple’s lifesaving signal to Blue Profound Sect already!”