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Chapter 2083: Mastermind behind the scenes (6)

“Whoever knew that she could not be bothered about you and as compared to Mu Chengying, you are worse than a dog! You knew that you weren’t able to get her heart, so you hardened your heart and killed her, then finally taking the seat of Mythical Flame Palace Palace’s Lord! If you were to say I’m shameless and despicable, as compared to Palace Lord Chi, I can’t match up to you at all!”

Chi Xiao Jiu had not expected that after Ling Qing Yu got agitated, she totally didn’t control her mouth as she had an abrupt change of face.

“You—! Really not afraid that I will expose your real face in front of that person?”

Ling Qing Yu laughed coldly, “I, Ling Qing Yu, am not someone who is scared from young! If you were to shoot your tongue off in front of that Sire, I will naturally spread the incident where you schemed to kill your Junior Sister just because you failed in wooing her, and also obtaining the position of Palace Lord in the process, to every corner of soaring Heavens Continent! By then, your reputation of Palace Lord Chi will be as stinky as it can be!”

“Even if you don’t mind your reputation, those Elders in Mythical Flame Palace, have all been missing Huang Yueli extremely so they had already been dissatisfied with you since long ago. Make a guess…. by then will they still support you to take the seat of Palace Lord?”

Chi Xiao Jiu thought that he had a handle over Ling Qing Yu and could do as he pleased but whoever knew that this woman Ling Qing Yu was totally not simple at all. After the initial fluster, she quickly found his weak point.

That was right, to be able to turn her face against her best female friend, what kind of easy going person could she possibly be?

This time round, Chi Xiao Jiu was so infuriated that his entire face turned red but unfortunately, what Ling Qing Yu said was totally correct!

Those scandals which he had done were indeed shameful.

If Ling Qing Yu were to spread this out, there would be no way for him to continue staying in Sky Emperor City!

Hence, he had no choice but to give in, “Alright, consider that you have your ways! Since we have handles on each other, then let’s not pursue whose responsibility it is for the auction and let’s head together to Blue Profound Sect first to get the Purified Branch, what do you think?”

Ling Qing Yu thought for a moment and nodded her head, “Let’s just do that.”

She knew that getting back the Purified Branch at this moment was the most important matter and all other matters were secondary.

“But how confident are you that Mu Chengying’s ability had not resumed?”

Chi Xiao Jiu said, “If you are asking about absolute proof, that I don’t have but logically judging this matter, based on Mu Chengying’s yesteryear’s overbearing arrogance, being such an unsurpassable person, if he found out that Blue Profound Sect had been suppressed by other powerhouses the minute he came out of closed door, he would definitely seek revenge on a rampage. But it had already been over a month since he chased those Elders away and there’s still no movement from Blue Profound Sect. Evidently, this represented guilt!”

Ling Qing Yu’s brows creased as she thought about this and had no choice but to admit that Chi Xiao Jiu’s words indeed made sense.

“That’s right, this point is indeed suspicious.”

“Moreover, this Purified Branch is a miraculous herb which can improve blood circulation and grow flesh so many patients use this to prolong their lives. Why would Blue Profound Sect suddenly spend so much money to bid for a Purified Branch so suddenly? Perhaps it is because Mu Chengying had gone into Qi Deviation and is on the verge of crisis hence he requires this miraculous herb!”

The more Huang Yueli heard, the more frightened she got.

Chi Xiao Jiu’s analysis was getting closer to the truth and even the Purified Branch had attracted his suspicions.

From Ling Qing Yu’s looks, it seemed that she had been convinced by him.

In this way, they would definitely head over to Blue Profound Sect quickly to create trouble!

She had to hurry back quickly to notify Li Moying so that they can make preparations quickly.

Huang Yueli’s thoughts were racing fast in her mind when suddenly, she sensed a warm sensation from her shank….