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Chapter 2082: Mastermind behind the scenes (5)

Chi Xiao Jiu’s lips curled into a smile of ridicule as he spoke in an eccentric manner, “Back in those days, Mu Chengying…. naturally had many ways. But, now… it might not be the same anymore!”

Ling Qing Yu frowned, “What do you mean?”

Chi Xiao Jiu said, “Did you really think that Mu Chengying had came out of his closed door successfully?”

Ling Qing Yu replied, “Could it still be false? That day all Six Sacred Lands had sent their ninth stage realm Elders over to Blue Profound Sect and hadn’t your Mythical Flame Palace done so as well? You have seen it for yourself on just how dishevelled those people were when they returned! Other than Mu Chengying himself, who else was able to do such a thing?”

When Chi Xiao Jiu heard that, he gave an indifferent humph, “From what This Seat sees, it might not be so! This Seat had personally questioned those Elders when they returned and among all of them, no one had seen Mu Chengying’s face at all! Even though they were all injured, that they weren’t hurt directly by Mu Chengying but rather they had all fallen down from the stairs of Levitation Sword Palace in fright! Do you know what this means?”

Ling Qing Yu’s heart jolted vigorously, “You… what are you trying to say?”

Chi Xiao Jiu replied coldly, “Isn’t it very obvious just what This Seat means? Whether Mu Chengying came out of closed door, the reality of this matter still remains doubtful! We are merely just listening to hearsay! Perhaps Mu Chengying hasn’t even come out of closed door seclsion yet, or perhaps he might already have but that doesn’t mean that it’s just like what we imagined, to have a huge increase in his ability but instead he had gone into Qi Deviation! If this was the truth, then based on both our Sacred Lands’ joint pressure, I believe that there’s no way for Blue Profound Sect to not hand over the Purified Branch!”

When Huang Yueli heard that, her heart was totally mortified.

She really had not imagined that Chi Xia Jiu’s vision would be so sharp. Not only had he not been deceived by Li Moying and her, he actually even boldly guessed that Mu Chengying had not come out of closed door seclusion at all!

Although this was far off from the truth, but the most crucial point was still totally accurate – Li Moying had still not reached that year’s peak condition yet!

Huang Yueli’s heart was pounding wildly but at the same time she was secretly feeling fortunate.

If it wasn’t for today that she suddenly had an idea of following them to this place, thereby eavesdropping on their scheming, by then if Chi Xiao Jiu and Ling Qing Yu were to suddenly appear at their doors, then she and Li Moying would probably be caught off hand.

Ling Qing Yu’s eyes opened wide as she totally didn’t dare to believe Chi Xiao Jiu’s words.

“No… this shouldn’t be right? How would Sovereign Mu suddenly go into Qi Deviation? He…. he’s so incredible and his innate talent is so great…”

Chi Xiao Jiu put on a fake smile as he said, “Tsk tsk, I wonder what charm does Mu Chengying have, having disappeared for ten over years and yet still able to make women like you all unable to get about him. Until this juncture, you’re still worried about him?”

When Ling Qing Yu heard that, she immediately regained her senses as she took a deep breath, as anger started to surge in her heart.

“Chi Xiao Jiu, there’s no need for you to act in such a frigid irony and scorching satire! In the end, just how noble are you as compared to me? That year weren’t you also one of the masterminds causing Huang Yueli’s death? It’s so amusing that you were wooing Huang Yueli relentlessly back then, almost falling beneath her skirt and right until her death, you still put on a devastated look as though you were a love saint! Every single time I recall that scenario, I just feel that it’s so comical!”

“Don’t assume that I don’t know your underlying motive! You wooed Huang Yueli just because your Master likes her more and in order to become Mythical Flame Palace’s Palace Lord, hence you wanted to marry Huang Yueli!”