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Chapter 2078: Mastermind behind the scenes (1)

Just as Li Moying was racking his brains in bitter thoughts, Huang Yueli had already paid the bill in Soaring Heavens Merchant Guild’s VIP lounge.

President Wen thought that she was only the person who called the bid but he had not expected that she really carried tens of billions of high grade spirit jades. Amid the shock, the gaze which he casted upon her was filled with some reverence.

After Huang Yueli kept the crystal card properly, she said, “Such a valuable item, I’d like to trouble President Web to deliver it over to the Snow Cloud Sky Ship.”

President Wen immediately replied, “Yes we should, it’s only necessary! Will Young Miss Bai please be assured!”

His attitude was even more respectful by several times as compared to earlier.

Huang Yueli nodded her head indifferently as she replied, “Many thanks” and prepared to return to meet up with Li Moying.

When she stepped out, she suddenly heard the sound of a door opening from not too far away as someone from the other VIP cabin walked out.

Huang Yueli wasn’t interested originally but after she took a few steps, she suddenly heard a familiar voice from a short distance away.

“What should we do! This time we didn’t manage to bid for the Purified Branch successfully, how should we go back and explain to that Lord when we return?”

This was…. Ling Qing Yu’s voice?

Huang Yueli went into a short blank and subconsciously turned her head around to take a look, where she saw Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu walking side by side from the front on her right of the corridor past her.

“… ever since Huang Yueli died…. Sky Phoenix Ring…”

Chi Xiao Jiu also opened his mouth and amid the conversation, Huang Yueli seemed to have heard her own name and even heard them mentioning the Sky Phoenix Ring! This time round, her attention was piqued by their conversation instantly.

Huang Yueli stopped in her tracks, trying to listen to what they were talking about.

However, Ling Qing Yu seemed to have noticed that this wasn’t a convenient place to talk hence she spoke out softly, “Let’s leave this place first.”

Saying that, the both of them increased their pace and walked towards the deep end of the corridor.

Huang Yueli wrinkled her brows as her heart was burning as though it was on fire. The immense hatred and suspicion kept spiralling at the base of her heart.

Sky Phoenix Ring…

If she hadn’t heard them wrongly earlier, they had mentioned the Sky Phoenix Ring!

Could it be that Ling Qing Yu and the others had schemed to harm her, and that indeed was related to the Sky Phoenix Ring? Although she had already suspected this in her past life before she died, but she was still unable to understand Ling Qing Yu’s motive behind this.

Although she had restored the Sky Phoenix Ring, but before her rebirth, even she herself didn’t know what was the use of the Sky Phoenix Ring and the so called God Relic, seemed as though it was just for decoration…

Huang Yueli’s heart was surging with tremendous waves and her body seemed as though it had turned uncontrollable.

By the time she regained her senses, she realised that she had already subconsciously followed the both of them, along a huge distance.

Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu seemed to be looking for a place to talk as they persistently looked for a desolate place and luckily Huang Yueli’s movements weren’t too bad, plus the both of them had never thought that they would be followed hence they did not noticed her at all.

But on seeing the both of them moving further away, there was no one around them in the perimeter of the one mile so Huang Yueli started to feel uneasy about this.

After all, Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu were both ninth stage realm practitioners and they had strong abilities.

The minute her tracks were exposed, it would be extremely difficult for her to escape from their clutches.

Huang Yueli had originally followed over in the beginning and had her emotions gushed to her head but by the time she regained her calm, she decided to return back on her original path.

But she had just turned around when she heard Ling Qing Yu give a sharp bark, “Who’s over there?”

Huang Yueli’s body stiffened as a few drops of cold sweat popped out on her forehead.

Following Ling Qing Yu’s voice, a long “zheng” was heard and Chi Xiao Jiu’s Ardent Cloud Sword around his waist had also unsheathed simultaneously!