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Chapter 2077: Taken possession of the Purified Branch (11)

However, before Ling Qing Yu could even continue from her last sentence.

Li Moying’s cold voice reverberated above the skies of the auction house, “I seem to have said this earlier, the price which my fiancée quotes represents the price which I quote! Is Eldest Young Miss Ling going to continue with the bidding, if you’re not going to buy then stop wasting everyone’s time.”

Ling Qing Yu was stuffed until she could not say a single word.

Her thoughts raced past in her mind swiftly trying to think of ways to squeeze more money out to continue adding to the price.

But no matter how she added up, she was merely able to come out with only a few billion and from Blue Profound Sect’s determined to win stance, this bit of money probably wasn’t even enough to stuff the slits of them teeth!

“What should we do? What should we do? Quickly think of a way? Are you a man or not?” She was anxious and flustered as she kept pressurizing Chi Xiao Jiu.

Chi Xiao Jiu was already enraged, “What other ideas do I have? If we had made preparations long ago, I would still have been able to sell off the remaining few pieces of Profound Armaments that my Junior Sister left behind back then to raise the money but now… it’s all too late!”

“You still have the cheek to say? If it wasn’t for you who recklessly bidded for other stuff, spending 4.1 billion to purchase a ninth tier lower grade Profound Weapon, we will still be able to come out with a few cycles of bidding!”

Ling Qing Yu really had to mention the pot which didn’t boil and Chi Xiao Jiu originally had a stomach full of fury over the Ardent Cloud Sword but on hearing her mention it, his fury boomed!

“Just another 4.1 billion and you will be able to get the Purified Branch into your possession? Obviously you still don’t understand the technique of auctions and casually just gave a reckless bid, hence resulting in this conclusion!”

The two of them who were still seated in the cabin had already started to quarrel.

Ling Qing Yu and Chi Xiao Jiu weren’t able to cough out with a new pricing and the Purified Branch also remained at 60.1 billion high grade spirit jades.

“… 60.1 billion thrice! Congratulations to Number Six cabin’s distinguished guests!”

Although the Purified Branch’s pricing was much higher than expected, but to Huang Yueli, it was a lifesaving treasure so no matter it was worth it no matter what the price was!

A joyous smile was shown on her face and her sparkly big eyes suddenly opened wide as she stood up.

“That’s great, we’ve finally bidded for it! I’ll go make payment!”

“Wait a minute, Li’er!” Li Moying’s slightly displeased voice was heard from her back as he stretched out her wrist to hold her hand.

Huang Yueli’s head tilted to one side, “Why? What’s the matter?”

Li Moying said, “This medicinal herb is for me, how can I let you pay for it?”

Although in the past, he had always been receiving various Profound Armaments, snacks from his little fiancée but running over to the auction house to buy this for him, but actually allowing his fiancée to pay for it somehow made him feel as if he was living off a woman…

Huang Yueli blinked her big eyes as she looked at him in astonishment, “You make payment? Do you have so much money? Alright be good and wait for me to go swipe my crystal card, then we can go back home!”

Saying that, she waved her hand and walked out on her own.

Li Moying went into a daze as he somehow hadn’t regained his senses.

Cang Po Yu gave a slight cough as he stood by the side and said, “Cough cough, that… Sovereign, do you still remember this? When Grandmaster Huang came to Blue Profound Sect, you had already passed the storeroom key and accounts book to her…”

Li Moying then recalled that there seemed to really be such a matter.

At that time he felt that Li’er wanted to refine armaments so she would definitely require a lot of materials and that there wasn’t anything wrong about giving all his belongings to his own woman.

Now thinking back, giving all his money to his future wife-to-be had its disadvantages. For example now, he had no money on him at all, not even a single bit of money to buy a present for his Li’er…

Could it be that in future he really had to think of ways to save up some private savings?