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Chapter 2079: Mastermind behind the scenes (2)

For that one moment, Huang Yueli felt as though the blood in her body was about to freeze as she subconsciously wanted to escape swiftly.

But just at that lightning flint moment, she nimbly distinguished that there was something not right about the sound which Chi Xiao Jiu’s sword made.

Hence, she managed to control herself in time as she remained in a motionless stance.

As expected, the very next moment, an ear splitting cat’s cry rang, “MEEW–!!!”

Following that, a spotted cat scurried from the corner of the wall as it swiftly escaped.

Chi Xiao Jiu pressed against his sword as he frowned and said, “So it’s only a cat…”

When Ling Qing Yu saw that, she also heaved a sigh of relief, “I see, I’m overly anxious. This place is so desolated and the surroundings are filled with weeds so normally there wouldn’t be anyone who would pass by this place so let’s make things clear right here.”

Chi Xiao Jiu returned his sword into the scabbard, “That’s fine.”

Huang Yueli noticed that the two of them did not leave and kept looking to their left and right, to realise that there was totally no way that she could leave. The hiding place which she was in was considered rather seclusive and as long as the both of them did not intentionally walk over, they would probably not discover her however, if they were to make one move, her whereabouts would definitely be exposed.

Luckily, the both of them apparently had a load on their mind and did not check the surroundings carefully.

After Chi Xiao Jiu got in place, he opened his mouth directly, “This time round we weren’t able to bring back the Purified Branch successfully, how are you preparing to explain to that Lord?”

That Lord?

This…. who were they talking about?

Huang Yueli was stunned, apparently not expecting that he would pop such a sentence out.

Looked like Ling Qing Yu and him came to bid for the Purified Branch, not for themselves, but for the mastermind behind the scenes?

Ling Qing Yu’s tone was downcast as one could tell that her emotions were extremely frustrated, “What else can we do? We can only explain as how it is! But, you also know that Lord’s temper, if he were to blame this on us…” As she spoke, she actually uncontrollably shuddered, “I also don’t know what I should do!”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s tone was also melancholic, “If I had known earlier, sixteen years ago, we shouldn’t have cooperated with him! Now that he has a handle on us, we have already been tied on the same boat as him and the minute we don’t listen to him, he will definitely expose everything that had happened back then and by then, our reputations will be ruined!”

Ling Qing Yu also frowned, “What’s the point in saying all these right now? You’d better think carefully on what we should do next! I wonder why Blue Profound Sect would suddenly appear, and also putting in so much money to buy the Purified Branch! If the other Sects bought it, we can still find a way to get it back, but…. it had to be Blue Profound Sect!”

Chi Xiao Jiu’s face was gloomy as he spoke, “What about Blue Profound Sect? Isn’t it even better since it’s Blue Profound Sect?”

Ling Qing Yu shook her head, “Is Blue Profound Sect that easy to deal with? You should have already heard that Mu Chengying had already came out of his closed door some time ago…”

Her words had not been completed when it was interrupted by Chi Xiao Jiu’s cold laughter.

“Hur hur, This Seat finally understood, Mu Chengying is already out of his closed door so your heart is starting to waver, isn’t it?”

Ling Qing Yu went into a daze and immediately following that, her expression turned icy cold, “Palace Lord Chi, what do you mean by this?”

Chi Xiao Jiu burst out laughing, “Why bother to pretend in front of This Seat? Did you really think that I don’t know, the reason why you’re willing to cooperate with that Lord back then, to personally go harm Huang Yueli, who was like your biological sister, wasn’t it all because.. in Mu Chengying’s eyes, there was only her?”